Monday, June 21, 2010

Taylor and Kristen Miss Rob in Sweden

During the press conference, Kristen and Taylor were asked if they miss Rob.

At 1:00

Via team_kbitch


Lily said...

Totalmente ironica essa Kirsten! Falando q ia chorar a falta do Rob. Aposto que se fosse ele diria seriamente q sentia falta dela. Menina louca! Mas tem quem queira o Rob

SmittenWithRob said...

Aww, taylor and kristen miss rob! i think we all miss rob. promotions are so dull, so incomplete without him. he always brings the humor. it's kinda sad w/o him :(

twilightnan said...

well what are you complaining about?.. you've got taylor lautner(jacob's) abs!! I am only joking!..It is not the same without Rob he is Edward without him Bella is not complete..E/B is the heart of the Twilight lovestory ..they are THE center of the franchise..ROBERT PATTINSON is IMHO was the 'talisman'that made Twilight a Global hit! stephanie meyers dream was about a Vampire.. so I can understand when the fans say it's a dull and sad promotions when Rob is not around ! I totally agree..