Monday, June 7, 2010

Rob's backstage Interview at the MTV Movie Awards

ETA: Youtube added

Since there arent many interviews, we can make separate posts. All the pics and videos from the show are being posted in the mega post. Keep checking, we're updating!


Youtube via CullenNewsCom


mello said...

Awesome show last night for Rob and Kris..and Tom Cruise lol. Best WTF moment, Rob did not touch his hair once ha!

Jane said...

He did touch his hair when he and Kristen first went up on the stage for best kiss and then he realized he didn't have enough hair to run his fingers through and put his hand down. You can see it in the video. I was disappointed because they didn't recognize global superstar as a separate entity. That's why Rob was surprised that he had two awards. Loved when Rob finally grabbed Kristen and quickly kissed her to her surprise and to his delight.

meleny said...

@Jane I loved too when he kissed her, ohh that was hot!
I really enjoy the show, was one of the best shows ever!
Congratulations Rob you deserved, I'm very happy for you :)

Yaelfica said...

yeah great show!! and i think they are getting shorter or is it just the fun i was having?? haha tom cruise come-back oh my god..awesome..bad ass cops ROFL.. and rob just talking...that's all i need to keep on living!! hehe
oh! clueless rob when getting the two awards?? PRICELESS!!

twilightnan said...

ROBERT PATTINSON STEALS THE MTV SHOW AND A KISS FROM HIS ONE AND ONLY KRISTEN STEWART!!anything connected with Twilight seems to have the magic touch..Rob..I believe is the talisman!!love when he mentioned Kristen in his acceptance speech.They looked wonderful together..poor Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were overshadowed!ROBERT PATTINSON is the HOTTEST MAN IN THE WORLD..2010 and many more years to come!!!