Friday, June 18, 2010 Interview - Rob discusses Jealous!ward and working with Taylor



twilightnan said...

as always a great interview by Rob..he briefly explained how this jacob team came was Taylor's who was pushing about this way back in the first film...I'm sure Rob was not keen about having teams...I fell in love with Twilight because of EDWARD AND BELLA'S ROMANCE/LOVESTORY..not about werewolf..I cannot wait for this team jacob to end..Please SUMMIT no more teams in B/ more about Jacob's abs! Twilight is about the romance/lovestory about Edward and Bella..just a reminder in case you have forgotten !!!and was Rob who made Twilight a global success it is now!!

call_it_golden said...

It's so hard to focus on the interviewer talking with his mouth since he seems to be much better at talking with his hands.