Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HQ and MQ Pictures of Rob on Kimmel

Check the Jimmy Kimmel master post for Twitter details and tons of pictures from the show and Q&A

ETA: Tons of new pictures



HQ and untagged


MQ/tagged - same pictures + some new ones


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layna.lane said...

Okay the closer shot of Peter and Rob walking away = me dead lol. I've stood not 2 feet from Peter so I know he's hot but get those 2 together and damn! And there's one of the Q & A there I'm thinking what is Xavier doing? He almost looks like he's looking at Rob's ass lol

aurora said...
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Ursula said...

@ layna, that pic of Rob and Peter killed me too!! :)

Ashley look stunning! Rob, well what can I say? does he ever not look gorgeous? ;)
Xavier was looking really good too :D

twilightnan said...

As always Rob is drop dead gorgeous in this outfit and lovin the one with sun glasses..just bought a new edition now teen magazine(july/august 2010 )featuring twilight stars/eclipse..it seems xavier is copying Rob's styles..layering up to the checkered shirt!..well as long as we are clear who started wearing the style first!...glad to see his ever present bodyguard Dean!thank you for these wonderful photos ..this site is amazing to give regular up to the minute updates of what's new about Robert pattinson..I'm very happy!!

Elenita said...

Facinelli y Rob are precious

Yaelfica said...

i love rob and peter pics too but for a diff reason though, i think...peter always looks like he's taking care of rob or something...he behaves very fatherly around him...i may be wrong but that's why i like to see them together in pics or vids..