Monday, June 21, 2010

And more... Loads of HQ stills from Jimmy Kimmel

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Yaelfica said...
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Yaelfica said...

thx for these ones!! these make my exitement level rise really high!! lol why are the cullen girls oh so lonely there?? everybody was ridiculously hot that night...;)

twilightnan said...

I cannot wait to see the whole show ,hopefully they'll edit some of the screams..Rob looks devine in that attire..matching so well with Kristen..must have been a great night for all twifans !!

katherine said...

This will be exciting!

Have you noticed how Nikki and Kristen don't seem close anymore.Maybe the rumors of Rob fooling around with her in the beggining are true. And supposedly he stopped hanging out with her to be with Kristen.

Who knows but something seems fishy!

twilightnan said...

Yes ,I think this was mentioned in Robsessed dvd by splash news claiming, that it was nicky,.. rob was hanging out with not Kristen early on but Rob dumped her to pursue Kristen after she broke-up with her then boyfriend michael angarano...well he is with Kristen now, that's all that matter...and yes I have also noticed N and K are not so like cuddling and kissing anymore unlike when they were in vanity fair photo shoot late 2008or when they were at comic con 2009 I bet it is awkward now...with film promotions and with making of the next and final film BD...must be difficult to keep a happy smiling face if these rumours were true!