Sunday, April 4, 2010

Remember Me: More Than $35 Million Worldwide Box Office

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me grossed only $483K at 906 theaters in North America this Easter Weekend. Average per screen: a very low $533. After losing more than 1,000 venues, the romantic drama lost 75% of its revenues from a week ago; that’s a very sharp drop. Total to date: $18.2 million.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this weekend Remember Me grossed $4.7 million — nearly ten times what it did in the US/Canada — at 2,485 screens in 33 markets. The per-screen average isn’t great: only $1,891, but that’s a mix of both new and old territories — e.g., Remember Me opened in the UK this weekend; but it has been out in Brazil, Sweden, and Australia and other countries for about three weeks.

Overseas total to date: $17.2 million. A week ago, the international box-office total hovered around $10.5 million. Worldwide total to date: $35.4 million.

Remember Me has yet to open in several major and mid-size markets including China, Japan, France, Denmark, Turkey, South Korea, and Argentina.

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Ursula said...
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Ursula said...

I still think its great, that it has done much better than many critics thought it would do, under the assumption that Rob couldn't carry a film on his own without it being the Twilight Saga...

The movie has been out at least in the US for almost a month, so I'm not surprised that it lost theaters and dropped in revenue. I hope it grosses even more once it opens in the remaining countries :)

Angela said...

To be fair, this movie has done a lot better than many coming-of-age theme movies that are not based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. Last year, there was "Adventureland" in which Kristen Stweart was one of the stars. It got some 89% fresh rating from Rotton Tomatos but it earned less than $20m worldwide. Unlike "Remember Me", "Adventureland" couldn't find foreign audiences. Forgive me by saying that "Adventureland" is a better movie than "Remember Me", but it earned substantially less. So when you look at that way, "Remember Me" is doing good. Not great, but good.