Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rob's Interview With Punkit 12 (Germany) + Translation


C = Commentator
I = Interviewer
Rep = Reporter
G = german translation
R = Robert Pattinson
P = Pierce Brosnan


C: Somehow this whole story is for tearing hair. Anyways Robert Pattinson seems like he doesn't feel fine at his own premiere. Nervously he is fumbling through the sexy thatch again and again. But approached on the that subjects the teen idol reacts appalling.

Rep: How can I style my hair like you?

R: Oh man...I need to get a wig.

G: Oh man...I need to run off.

C: Maybe the reporter should run more often through his oily hair. His father (in this movie) Pierce Brosnan describes the look of this 23 year old as followed:

P: He looks like he's just got out of bed. Doesn't comb his hair, doesn't brush his teeth.

I: Oh, does he smells out of his mouth?

G: Oh, does he has a bad breath?

P: He smeels out of... he smells out of the mouth. You smell out of mouth. You smell out of mouth. That's very funny.

C: A reaction of Pattinson turns out typical because our reporter grills him pretty much and experiences the hype about his person and how it bothers him.

R: I mean, as soon as you start feeling (...) with yourself, feeling very strange you just tryin ... just blank everything out.

C: Actually Robert had told us much more but on unpleasent questions the management interferes by chapter and verse, rewinds and deletes.

I: If Roberts publicists doesn't like the questions of the reporters or the answers that he has given they just delete the tape with the interview on it. He wasn't allowed to talk about the paparazzis in which he did in my interview described as parasites. Then he wasn't allowed to comment on the joke of Pierce Brosnan - his co-star - who said that he is not combing his hair and not brushing his teeth.

C: Our reporter was close to be barred from the premiere. Nevertheless stays the question: Is Kristen Stewart really Roberts new girlfriend? And why is she - who has nothing to do with this movie - smuggled shieldedly pass the press?

Rep: (...) to play their game of cat and mouse with the media..they won't say if they are a couple or not... so they're tryin to play this out to stay in the media and being discussed without saying yes or no.

C: How good that Kristen Stewart is present so we can ask very precisely.

I: Under death penalty prohibtion we asked Robert Pattinson about Kristen Stewart. She walked right behind me, but didn't want to talk to anyone. But the fact that she is here takes effect as a statement that: Hey, we are together. That she is here not as a friend or collegue but furthermore as his girlfriend.

C: Maybe this relationship is far-fetched but on Robert Pattinson we wouldn't wonder.

Video and Translation: Fungilicious


Jenn said...

Is this for real?!? If so, the person doing the interview is nuts!

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