Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Robert Pattinson Calls Kristen Stewart's New Movies 'Amazing'

We already know that Kristen Stewart is a huge champion of Robert Pattinson's endeavors outside of their "Twilight" collaboration. As she told MTV News last month, she caught an advance screening of his romantic drama "Remember Me" and said RPattz is "quite bold" in the film. Then she showed up at the new movie's red-carpet premiere on Monday night (March 1) to lend her support and attend the Plaza Hotel afterparty.

If you were at all worried, though, know that Pattinson has been reciprocating that support and praise for Kristen's new films. "I saw a really early cut of 'The Runaways,' " he told MTV News on Monday. "It was really good. And 'Welcome to the Rileys' is really good too. But I saw both things at really early cuts, so I don't know really what they're like now. But 'Welcome to the Rileys' is amazing.' "

Both "Runaways" and "Rileys" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January to wide acclaim. Assessing Stewart's turn as a teen prostitute in "Rileys," an MTV review declared, "[Y]ou cannot walk away from a viewing and say the actress doesn't fearlessly expose herself physically and emotionally, and doesn't do so with astonishing maturity and believability."

"Runways," meanwhile, in which Stewart plays real-life rocker Joan Jett, arrives in theaters in March. We'll have to see if Pattinson shows up at the film's premiere in the same way that Stewart did at "Remember Me."

"He's really good in the movie," she told us. "It's hard to talk about your friends — about anybody that's close to you that you know. It's like, he's everything I know he is. I know he can do any film."



behnaz said...

I totally agree with edward3 it's clear that they are in some sort of a relationship. If they want to keep it private then the power to them.
The thing I find really funny is Robert's publicist/assistant (blond lady behind him) as soon as she hears the name Kristen she jumps in or at least tries to.
You'll see it in this interview as soon as Kristen's name came up she had this " don't you even dare go there" look on her face to the interviewer. She did the same thing to Ryan Secrest last year at the New Moon Premiere. I know that's her job to jump in and sort protect him. I am sure someone has mentioned this before but I thought it was funny seeing it again.

Marie said...

I totally agree w/ @behnaz. She really wanted to say something as soon as she heard the name Kristen...

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Hirst Cole said...

I saw both things at really early cuts, so I don't know really what they're like now.