Thursday, March 18, 2010

Video of Rob leaving the 'Remember Me' Afterparty and 63 HQ and Untagged Pictures

Video: Popsugar | Pictures: lionlamblinlove


Shilayna said...

well good lord no wonder he looks faded in alot of those pics how the hell can you see with all that going on?

Kristin said...

c'mon. Give him some space!

rpattz lover said...

I think he looks exhausted and maybe a little tipsy. Mostly he seems annoyed with all the paps, give the guy a break and let him enjoy a party!

behnaz said...

very cute shoes
i love him really

Glamglass said...

I was lucky enough to get an autograph and I could see he looked a bit fazed by it all! He was lovely and genuinely a nice man! :-)

VampLovingNana said...

Who is the blond sitting next to Rob in vehicle? Anyone know?

Jane said...

When did he change shoes. He had his dress shoes on the red carpet. I think he was ready to go home at the end.

Ursula said...

I feel overwhelmed just looking at these pics :( poor Rob

rose said...

I don't see you with any friend.
Where was they when you went out side??
I don't see any fun showing your self like that.
Show to every one the good guy inside you, not the one that one need to drink to be funny you just need to be happy.
Don't let any one see you like that again.
You are a great guy.

With love

Rose xxx