Thursday, March 4, 2010

Remember Me Movie Premier Fan Encounter & More

Alicia had the chance to attend a few of his appearences in NYC during 'Remember Me' promotion. Here is her amazing story and some of her pictures:

Remember Me Movie Premier Fan Encounter & More
Story written by Hollywood2Brooklyn ~ Alicia
Edited by Aya

Robert Pattinson was in NYC for four days with five public appearances, (The Today Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Remember Me movie premiere, The View and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) I was fortunate to attend three out of the five appearances.

Laura (aka. Leydy) flew in from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Ivy came from Arkansas to join me for the two days of Rob's public appearances. We all had little sleep but much excitement.

- The Today Show ~ Monday, March 1st
Laura & I started our day at 3:00 AM. We got in line for The Today Show a bit after 5:30 AM. There were several standing in line already on a chilly cold 48th Street in the heart of NYC.

We were lucky enough to get spots standing dead center of the outside stage where the show would be filmed. As we stood waiting for the show to start, Amanda (a moderator for the Twilight Moms), asked us if we had picked up our wrist bands already for the Remember Me movie premiere that was being held later that day at the Paris Theater. Both Laura and I were unaware of the wrist bands and Amanda shared all that she knew of the premiere setup. I left Laura at The Today Show and ran the 11 blocks to the Paris Theater and it was a good thing too since we were the 24th, 25th & 26th person.

After getting the wrist bands, I ran back to The Today Show in time for the start of the show where Ivy joined us shortly after.

From where we stood, we could see Rob walk into the lobby from the secret underground parking lot. He spoke to the Today Show staff for a few minutes before walking out to acknowledge the crowd, sign autographs and take pictures prior to taping his segment. As you can guess, the crowd was in an uproar with excitement.

He went back in and a few minutes later taped his segment with Matt Lauer. After his part on the show was completed, he graciously went back out to the crowd. He came towards us and started signing autographs just to the left of us. Rob even cracked jokes while signing. Someone in attendance had a giant Remember Me poster and Rob laughingly asked, "Did you steal this?"

He stayed signing autographs and taking pictures for less than five minutes before being rushed back into the lobby.

- Remember Me Movie Premier
After leaving The Today Show, we had several hours to kill before our 2:00 PM call time to line up for the premiere. When the time came, we walked over to the Paris Theater where our numbers were confirmed for the 1st call time. It was chaotic to say the least as 125 of us were herded into a way too-small confined cage. Thank goodness we were held there for a very short time as they asked for the first 30 fans to come forward. As we walked up, we were instructed to stand right outside the entrance of the Paris Theater. This meant we'd see all who attended the premiere. As you can guess, we all were elated. Ivy, Laura & I ended up being the 13th, 14th & 15th person in attendance order. (This will be very important later)

A bit before 7:00 PM the stars began arriving, walking the red carpet where all of the press were set up across the street from us. The tents facing us were clear plastic so we could see some of the activity on the red carpet. After walking the red carpet, the stars would walk right past us as they entered the Paris Theater.

As the major stars were walking the red carpet, others attending the premiere walked past us. I saw a few of Rob's family walking in but from the time it registered in my head on who they were and from the time I was able to reach my camera, it was too late for pictures.

From behind us, we heard loud screams. Kristen had arrived. It was as big a shock to us fans in attendance as it must have been for you. Kristen quickly walked the red carpet and crossed the street to sign a few autographs before rushing past us to enter the theater. We took as many pictures as we could in that very brief moment.

A couple of minutes after Kristen walked into the theater, another extremely loud roar erupted from the crowd. Rob had arrived, with Emily immediately behind him. As soon as Rob left the red carpet, he walked over to the crowd and briefly signed autographs. He then rushed past us as he entered the theater. As Rob was greeted in the lobby, someone from Summit asked for the top 10 fans to come forward. They were then escorted into the lobby where Rob himself handed each of them a ticket to attend the premiere with him that evening. He also spent a private moment with each, signing autographs and taking pictures with each of the lucky 10 fans.

Laura was able to give her copy of Details Magazine to one of the lucky 10 for Rob to sign which, thankfully, the girl returned. I must also add that Amanda, the one who shared information with us, was one of the lucky 10.

After Rob spent time with the lucky 10, the same person from Summit came back out and asked for the next 10 in line to step up. I was the 13th in line. She gave us each a ticket to attend the premiere as well. It wasn't given to me by Rob but I was still overjoyed and elated to receive it.

After turning over our cell phones and cameras, we were directed to go upstairs into the theater. Rob, Kristen and the rest of the cast sat on the first floor. As we took our seats, the Paris employees greeted us with bags of popcorn (closed with a Remember Me sticker) and bottles of water to enjoy during the movie.

The lights went down and we settled in to enjoy the movie. No trailers were shown before the movie, including the greatly awaited Eclipse trailer. I'll have to see it when we all participate in the "Remember Me Saturday".

At the completion of the movie, all of the fans gave a standing ovation. Rob & Kristen left the theater prior to the credits starting but most of the cast lingered briefly. Many of us fans were able to interact with the cast and special guests in attendance like Tom Sturridge, one of Rob's best mates.

I was able to meet Victoria Pattinson, Rob's sister, downstairs. I mistook her for Elizabeth and told her how much I enjoyed her singing. She graciously accepted the compliment but informed me that I had mistaken her for Elizabeth, as many have. I managed to turn the embarrassment into a joke and had her laughing. Later upstairs, while Victoria spoke with her Mum and (I'm guessing) her aunt, I polity asked to have my picture taken with her. She graciously agreed. Victoria is so tall and even if she hadn't been wearing platform heels, she would still have towered over me. I must say that Victoria Pattinson is an extremely lovely person.

I was too shy to speak with Mum Pattinson. Even though I wanted to give her a hug for raising such lovely well mannered children who remain grounded despite having been thrust into fame.

- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ~ Tuesday, March 2nd
I was fortunate enough to obtain two tickets to see Rob at The Daily show on Tuesday, March 2nd. And so began another Robcapade for Laura and I.

We got in line a little after 11:30 AM for the 4:30PM call time. Since Comedy Central over books their shows to ensure a packed house and having a ticket does not guarantee you a seat, we went extremely early. We were the 7th & 8th person in line for the general admittance. Studio security was high, with an extensive bag search and metal detectors but things were well organized.

We sat on the far left next to the black curtain in the top row. I could hear men's voices just on the other side of the curtain and could see a doorway leading to what I assumed was the green room. I strained to focus on the men's voices and could hear a guitar being played softly in the back. Could it have been Rob playing?

Prior to the show being taped, Jon came out to answer questions from the audience. I'm a fan of his comedy and was in stitches. I already needed my inhaler from laughing so hard but more urgently so after the best gosh darn quote I have EVER heard used to describe Rob. I have to adjust the quote slightly to accommodate a PG-13 rated website but what Jon said goes like this, "I met young Robert Pattinson today and I must say... he's effingable." Jon then sat at his desk for the start of the show while the audience was hysterically laughing.

As anyone would do when having a screen up to separate you from something, you try to peer through the cloth to see the other side. Right before Rob came out, I saw his outline walk through the doorway and stop directly next to where I was sitting. The blood pounded in my ears with the excitement. As Jon announced Rob to the show, I could see his outline walk out and onto the stage. As you can guess, we all screamed with delight.

Thank you for joining me on my respectful journey following Robert Pattinson during his two days of public appearances. I'm still in a state of amazement of all that has happened in those two days.

Pictures taken by Amanda, Laura, Ivy & Alicia~H2B


Amitolane said...

OH WOW!!! That was the best read in a long time. Thanks for the awesome description and play by play - much appreciated! You were soo lucky everytime! Thank you for sharing and Thank you for being a great fan!

Amitolane said...

Again I must say, The Pattinson clan are very beautiful people - Bless em!

lostinphilly said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us,you were a very lucky lady. It's nice to know Rob & his family are so beautiful and friendly. But I only have one question for you: How the hell did you manage to get your tickets and be at the right places at the right time? I commend you for that,believe me!!!!

HappyGoLuckyGal said...

THAT was a wonderful post! Thanks for the details - it's like we were right there with you. I love hearing about positive fan encounters...wish I could've been there to enjoy the excitement! Great story:)

Trisha said...

Sooo awesome!! I had so much fun living vicariously through you all!! You should have seen twitter the night of the premiere, you must have had 1000 @replies!! You are a lucky, lucky woman! Can't wait for the next adventure, as I'm sure there will be more!

call_it_golden said...

That's really cool! But when you said Rob "left prior to the credits" does that mean he stayed for the whole movie, just left before the credits, or only stayed a few minutes of the movie? lol

behnaz said...

so awesome
so hot

behnaz said...

so awesome
so hot

Glamglass said...

Wow, That really is amazing!! Hope the movie was as good as everyone says it is!! We have to wait until 2nd April in the UK!!

Claire said...

I loved reading this! What a great story and so happy for you. I am the poster girl (blushes). And we did not steal it! We had it made to show extra support for the film.
PS: I was lucky enough to see a screening that night and the film is fantastic. Everyone should see it.

meleny said...

thank you for sharing with us your beautiful story, you're a very lucky lady! I'm so happy for you I wish I could've there.
I can't wait anymore for saturday and see the movie.

froggie59 said...

I really enjoyed reading about your "Rob" days, lol. It just goes to prove once again what we already know - what a nice young man Rob is and also what a great family he has. I loved all the details you provided about how everything went. Although I'm in Connecticut, I quickly decided not to go - my hubby would have had a fit - and I can't picture myself (I'm much older than than avg Rob fan I think) among that hysteria. I would have felt really out of place. Glad that I can live vicariously through you! Although my 24 yr old daughter would have loved to go! Thank God for the internet where we can keep up with all the Rob news as it happens.

Thanks again for sharing your story!

froggie59 said...

By the way, did you get your camera back ok? I would have been worried about that.

Hollywood said...

Thank you all so very much for enjoying my story. I am truly Twi-Blessed. How I got into the theater was by pure luck and determination I must say. It was a shock to us all that Summit had decided to invite 20 of the fans into the premier with Rob.

I did not see Rob where he sat so I can not tell you if he stayed for the entire film.

I am seeing the film next week for Remember Me Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie again and again.