Monday, March 22, 2010

Glee Star Lea Michele about Rob "He's very sweet, very handsome"

Glee actress Lea Michele, who plays Gleek Rachel Berry has said she wants the shows fanbase to grow to match that of Twilght.

Michele told the Mirror: "If we have fans like Twilight fans, then thank God, because those are some hardcore, amazing fans."

She added: "We were at the Teen Choice Awards, and they were screaming for Robert Pattinson, and i was just thinking, 'I hope one day they scream for us like that."

When asked if she got to meet R-Pattz, Lea said: "I walked past him. And yes, I did say hi. He's very sweet, very handsome. I would love to meet a cue English boy. Anybody with an accent."

MTV via RobPattzNews

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