Friday, March 5, 2010

Chris Weitz talks about Rob being bothered and the obsession over Rob/Kristen

From MovieWeb

I'm sure you've seen the Jimmy Fallon skits. Which begs the most important question of the day: How bothered is Robert Pattinson?

Chris Weitz: How bothered is he? Here's the thing. I am a pop culture moron. You'll have to tell me what happened.

Pattinson climbed into the tree with Fallon for Late Night's Bothered skit.

Chris Weitz: I haven't seen that. How bothered is Robert? He doesn't seem terribly bothered at all. No. I think he will be able to handle it.

From E!Online

Is the obsession over Rob and Kristen's possible romance ever going to end?
They're both so appealing and attractive, and it's very fun to think about them being together. But myself, I've always tried to maintain plausible deniability by knowing as little as humanly possibly as I could about what is happening, and I will continue to do so.

Do you have any advice for them?
The pressure they're under and the amount of scrutiny they're under is nothing that I've ever had to face. If I ever have that many people that interested in what I'm doing, I'll call Rob and Kristen and ask them what I should do.


dinamarie said...

What a wise man. Loved his last answer.

behnaz said...

very clever

clara said...

Thank you for selecting the important extracts from the lengthy English text for me. I am forever grateful.