Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Lucky Fan Met Rob in NYC

Starmom36 met Rob outside the Today Show. Here is her report:

Sunday night I camped out with my girlfriends [at The Today Show] @pattyinnyc @lea1128 @rocar86, we were the first people online!

There was this guy name Joe who made sure Robert came to our side, Robert liked our poster signs, he looked at them smiled and took pics with us!

As he was going around signing I was telling people be easy he is coming to you relax, lmao. He looked down at me and asked me “are your OK?” I said “yes, I think I am your new bodyguard.” (he smiled)

In a video I tell him that I have a gift for him, it is a key chain, he heard me and said thank you. In a 2nd video I ask him about the the gift and talks right back to me!

I must say I had the time of my life! He smell so sweet and he is very nice!

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