Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10-second Eclipse Teaser Tomorrow

There have been rumblings today about the first promotional teaser for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Gossip Cop can confirm that a ten-second teaser for Eclipse will come online tomorrow.

We hear that there will be announcement on Summit’s official @Twilight feed later today.

A source connected to the production confirmed the plans to Gossip Cop.

The full trailer is set to be released with Remember Me in theaters on March 12.

Gossip Cop


behnaz said...

i cant wait

Ursula said...

I have tkts for Friday for Remember Me I can't wait to see the trailer, I somehow suspected the online version for this week would be super short, needless to say Im super excited for both RM and the trailer :)

ch said...

ahhhhhhh i wanna see it now!!!! eclipse is my favorite book!!!!