Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Rob Smells Like...

From Maria Lindholm's blog - Elle Sweden

Got a comment below on a post that I was going to answer here instead, so that not only Jessica on Gossip-dance see this important information!

G-D: Seriously, now I have to ask this question once and for all ... because it's been the same rumors for a year now ... but what does Rob really smell like? I know you've seen him up close .. you can have an honest answer of course haha

ML: Well, it can definitely answer that. We sat a couple of feet apart, and I felt nothing! What I thought most of was that he was so furry, but light, if you know the type. Alot of small hair sticking up everywhere, big eyebrows, extremely long eyelashes. But remember that we were at a beach restaurant, if we had been pressed in a funky hotel room, maybe I felt otherwise. (If I had to guess, I think he smells a bit unwashed hair and hotel soap.)

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