Monday, January 4, 2010

Rob Makes Sunday Inquirer Magazine "Most Fascinating Interviews of 2009"

From Robert Pattinson, who was amused and amusing, to Sarah Ferguson, who was refreshingly candid—these are among our most fascinating interviews of 2009. We thank them for keeping us fascinated:

• Robert Pattinson

The “Twilight” heartthrob virtually chuckled from beginning to the end of our interview.

“Will you marry me?” our female colleague proposed to Robert. She was, of course, joking, since we all knew that in the “Eclipse” volume of “The Twilight Saga” series, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan finally get engaged. Or, at least we thought our Asian friend was only teasing Robert, because he was downright charming and easygoing.

“Why not?” Robert shot back, his blue-green eyes smiling, but he was blushing. With his three days’ worth of facial hair growth and trademark bed hair adding to his roguish charm, Robert probably gets several marriage proposals every day. Even Megan Fox said in an interview: “I want to eat Robert Pattinson.”

British trait

“I’m honestly being self-deprecating,” he said of his disarming, self-effacing British trait. “Eventually, people are like, ‘Oh, we’re so sick of the self-deprecating act. Why can’t he grow some balls?’ I guess you have to roll with that. You do realize that if you keep putting yourself down all the time, an audience suddenly says, ’That guy is an idiot!’ So, it’s strange. You have to push in certain areas. It’s always two steps forward, and one step back.”

Source via Twilight Poison

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