Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rob and Twilight Cast - Best and Worst Autograph Signers of 2009

Since our list last year was so popular – we had to rate the BEST and WORST autograph signers in Canada for 2009.

Who was good about signing? Who was bad? What were the memorable experiences?

Some quick notes about our surveying method – which we admit is based more on qualitative opinion – than quantitative fact. As well, we don’t include the hundreds of small indie bands and C-list actors that travel through the country. They are personalities not usually hounded by the pros in large numbers. So we kept the list to the biggies – the A-list stars, big bands, and pop culture icons that managed to have their passports stamped “Canada” at sometime during this year.



There was perhaps nobody more hounded (or famous?) to spend time in Canada during 2009 then the cast of Twilight – especially Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Since the pop culture phenom series is 90% shot in Canada the stars spent a lot of time in Vancouver and stories of autograph experiences with the cast are numerous. One collector extensively blogged from the scene of many encounters with the Twilight cast. While the main stars were often difficult to find – there is consensus that the signing habits of the cast was generally good during the filming of New Moon – the 2nd movie of the series (unlike the 3rd film – see below) Even Kristen Stewart when cornered by collectors outside a restaurant replied she understands the autograph hounds “had a job to do” and didn’t care about signing. As for heart-throb Robert Pattinson – he got good at speed-walking to sometimes avoid the crowds, but If you managed to get close – he was good about signing. Pattinson was even known to sometimes sign for the fans gathering at the filming locations (and that was after he had shot all day and night.)


After filming New Moon earlier in the year, the Twilight cast returned to Vancouver during summer to shoot the third film in the series – Eclipse. Autograph hounds reported the signing habits of most of the cast had changed – and for the worst. Collectors reported hearing things like this said by minor co-star Cameron Bright, “I am only allowed to sign one and I have to put your name on it” (words I’m sure Summit Entertainment executives put into the casts head.) As for Rob and Kristen, the media attention on them became so overwhelming they practically disappeared and were almost like ghosts when not filming. While reports of new cast members like Bryce Dallas Howard were cool about signing – there is no question, the supply of autographs coming from the Twilight cast shrinked considerably when shooting the third movie.

Source via Cullen Boys Anonymous

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