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Rob in Vanity Fair Italy

Robert talks about his not-so-normal life, about being single 'If I decide to date someone, she'd probably get threatened on FaceBook, receive angry phone calls and eventually leave me before it even begins'. and about his upcoming Bel Ami project. Nothing new, really, but the pics are lovely so I thought I could share.


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From Mayfrayn on Pattinsonlife

I tried to translate the article, you can read it

Just because I perfectly know that many women over 14 will envy and perhaps even envy me for this article, just because I know that every single word of this will be vivisected worse than a Mafioso booklet, just because I know how women over 14 can be ferocious, I prepared myself to interview Robert Pattinson in a scientific way. Mission: to discover why this guy makes all women crazy.

Los Angeles, February: I found one of his biographies ( well, he is born in 1986, already a biography!) on a bookshelf in Book Soup library in West Hollywood, and I read it entirely. Not a great exploit, the book is 100 pages with a lot of pics, the author is Paul Sterling, you can see the book on Amazon. I Discover that Rob was an incompetent at school, he was really thin and when he shooted Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ( his role was Cedric Diggory ), the production made him working out, to amount his muscles. He declares: “ I was very uncomfortable. I stayed often at the borders of the set and wanted to throw up”.

Los Angeles, April: during a business dinner at Chateu Marmont, I met Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight. I had her over a barrel to make her telling the story of the casting for Edward Cullen’s role. “ We have seen a lot of guys. Robert impressed me a lot, but the rest of the production didn’t want him: they found him ugly, ugly, ugly! But I am a hardhead and I call him together with Kristen Stewart at my home. I put them laying on my bed and they tried a dialogue. They were perfect together”.
Even many fans of the Saga ( that means the novels from Stephenie Meyer, all published in Italy by Fazi ), were averse to Pattinson at the beginning: blogs were crazy writing that he was not the right Edward.
The rest is history. History of fans deliriums, of unanswered questions, such as: is he in a relationship with his on screen partner Kristen Stewart? It seems not, but it is not sure, People magazine often wrote they are together, the persons concerned don’t confirm. But everyone talks about this: rob is the center of a collective passion like Leo Di Caprio and Titanic.
But Titanic hasn’t had a sequel ( of course, they all died in the icy waters), while Twilight yes ( of course, they are vampires ).

Milan, beginning of May: we now know that the sequel, New Moon, directed by Chris Weitz, will be shooting partially in Italy, in Montepulciano. I follow news about the shooting on newspapers and on the Net. I collect newspapers articles, and print crazy posts from every blog. It comes out that the artistic director of Roman Theatre’s Festival of Volterra asked for an intervention of the Ministry of Culture, Sandro Bondi, to “ block the havoc, how can you pass Montepulciano off as Volterra??”.
Well, it went so. In the novel Bella came to Volterra with Alice, Edward’s sister, trying to avoid that Edward will killed by the Volturi ( a category of super vampires particularly bad ), but the production chose to shoot in Montepulciano, because it was less expensive, it seems.

Cannes, May 20th: during the Film Festival, Italian Vanity Fair was granted with an exclusive interview to Robert Pattinson. We met at Summit office, the indie of all the movies of the saga. Robert is here for a few days. Then, he will go to Italy to shoot his scenes in New Moon: a few scenes. And in New York, they are waiting for him, for shooting, almost simultaneously, Remember Me, that doesn’t fit at all with Twilight. In August, he will go to Vancouver, shooting Eclipse, the third movie of the saga. So, when we were on holiday on the beaches, Rob Pattinson worked all summer, keeping diligently his pale skin.
He enters in the empty and anonymous room, he shakes my hand and seats on the couch beside me, leaning his head in his hands waiting for the first question. He wears a pair of jeans with holes and a dark skirt with sleeves rolled up.

He appears shy and kind, with narrowed eyes from sleep depriving.

Were you at some party yesterday evening?
“Three, and all wrongs. Every time I came in, the party was already finishing. The third was the worst. I was with Emile Hirsh and his girlfriend, we entered in this villa, and there was almost nobody, except for a hundred of photographers. It seemed a paparazzi convention. We speed away!”

In New Moon you are barely present: only in flashbacks and some scenes. Are you sorry about this?
“To the contrary, so I’m not under too much pressure”.

Because, in this last year, pressure has been a constant in your life.
“It’s bizarre becoming famous in this way. Believe me,. It’s something that I never wished.”

What did you wish?
“I hadn’t projects, I had no particular dream. I always livde day by day.”

You were in a band, the Bad Girls. Do you play again?
“The band was when I was 15. now I play piano and guitar, sometimes, only for me. I couldn’t allow myself doing concerts. I should always be “the guy from Twilight that wants to be a musician”.

Is it real that you have always to go around with your bodyguards?
“Unfortunetely, yes: it’s totally crazy, I know, but I am getting use at it. It’s only because, when I’m without my bodyguard, I am afraid: it is nearly impossible even come out from a restaurant and get in a car.”

Gossip magazines and internet sites claim that you have a new girlfriend every week, or, alternatively, they say that you are with Kristen Stewart. What is it real?
“Nothing. I am single. Almost everything that came out about my private life is false. I think it happens because, really, there is no much to say about what I’m doing. While I am filming, I live practically reclused in hotel: I come out only to work, and sometimes to go out for dinner. But, if you read the magazines, it seems that I have a frantic high life.”

But, if you wanted, you should have no difficulties in finding a girlfriend.
“It was a lot easier before Twilight. Now it is damned difficult to go out with a girl. Nowadays, if I go out with a girl, immediately I have been photographed with her, then they begin to pursue her on Facebook, they found her email, perhaps they insult her. And her, at the end, will hate me. I don’t want to be hated and I don’t want to live secret relationships: too much effort. So, for now, no girls.”

What does your agent, your press agency, advice you?
“ I have no personal press agency and I want to avoid this. I have a clear idea in my mind: my life must not begin a reality show. In fact, if I see a photographer I go away. I give only a few interviews and I don’t do public appearences if it is not necessary for movies promotion. I don’t want that people get tired of my face.”

How do you see in your future?
“I want to open my production company. What I hate the most in actor’s life is the idea that you have to wait until someone else decides what you have to do. I don’t like this feeling of powerlessness, the total less of control. I always admires Warren Beatty’s career: actor, director, producer.”

Is it true that you will soon filming a movie from Bel Ami, the masterpiece of Guy De Maupassant?
“Yes, I’m really happy. It’s one of my favourite novel. It explain what ambition is, anger, desire of success. In some way, Bel Ami is a sort of vampire, of different nature.”

By the way, what is the remark that you receive more often?
“Today you seem more pale. They told me one time at a minute. Uff…”

The interview is finished. I will see Robert again from a distance a couple of times: on the red carpet of Inglorious basterds, where he will almost steal the scene from Brad and Angelina, and at the AMFAR gala, where one of his kiss will be auctioned. And I will see his evident embarrass. Pale, but with red cheeks

Rome, October: New Moon is ready. It will open on October 18th, but some scenes are shown at Rome Film festival. And in Rome I meet Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter of the movie saga, the real expert of the saga, because she is constant, while directors change at every movie.
I asked Melissa, a nice woman in her forties, the fundamental question of my mission, began in February: why Edward the vampire and the actor that impersonates him, have becoming such a phenomenon for the teenagers all around the world?
“Edward” she answered me, “ is tortured, mysterious, and Robert has the right face to narrate this. When they are teens, all girls fall in love with someone like this, because they have the ambition to “adjust” them. Only a lot of time after, they understand that there is nothing doing”.


bouncy72 said...

Lol that was interesting, um but on that last point, how would she describe the older generation, that have fallen for dear Robs charms too? hehe

Kristina said...

I guess after a time, I will understand that there is nothing doing :)!

Kristina said...

I guess after a time, I will understand that there is nothing doing :)!

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