Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fan report from Tokyo's fan event

From Twilight Singapore and Spunk-Ransom

Our friend, Katie Dirga has finished uploading her pictures and videos for The Fan Meeting in Japan on 3rd November,2009.

You can head out to Katie’s Album. You can also go to Katie’s blog to read Katie’s recap of the event!

Here are some of the great quality photos that Katie took (seen beneath the text)!

Some fans queued 2 days before the event… now that’s dedication and being kiasu – we totally understand.

The Japanese are always thoughtful – they will line the paperbags with plastic just so your stuff & bag won’t get ruin by the rain.

This is the line for The New Moon Fan Meeting! Katie says that the line extends to the left of this picture which she could not capture. WOW!

Azlina & Aishah from Twilighters Malaysia who were also at the event and met up with Katie.

Rob drawing lots for winners for the LA New Moon Premiere Tickets. With his signature sheepish smile and all.

The set up this time for fans to win apparently was for Chris & Rob to preside over a ‘mock court’ where fans plead their case to go to LA for the World Premiere of New Moon.. COOL!!

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Brie said...

Awe! I am so happy for all that took part of this event and shared their photos with all..they really are cheerful photo's and Rob you are a very セクシーな男性