Friday, November 13, 2009

Remember Me Review - From last night's screening


I'm not good with reviews so I won't even attempt to make one. A friend of mine who attended the screening has agreed to write a review and share it with us. As soon as she's done writing one I will re-post it here for everyone to read. She and I pretty much agree and have the same feeling towards the movie. FYI there will be no sugarcoating in this review. It will be based in real opinions and honest feelings about the movie.

Let me start off by saying that it was great and refreshing to see Rob play a character who isn't a 107 year old vampire. Tyler is a very complicated and challenging character and I think Rob did great portraying this character. We were able to witness another side of his acting. I am excited for him and can't wait to see evolve in his future projects.

Although, he still has a lot of improving to do. He does this weird thing with his face (maybe it's his acting mannerism) where he looks like he's constipated. Don't you dare tell me that you don't see it cos he does it a lot in Twilight. If you disagree I will gladly point them out to you. I think this is what bugged me the most about his acting. He needs to loose this habit. His American accent was okay. It would change from time to time. I noticed that his British accent would slip a little and I could hear his Salvador Dali accent as well.

But let me tell you...Rob was beautiful in the movie. GODDAMN THE BOY WAS FUCKING HOT!

Now on to the good stuff (or the bad stuff)...

The movie overall was okay. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad. If you've read the script you'll probably hate the changes they made in the movie (Again, I'm going to leave the technical stuff for my friend to do). We were told that we were the first ones to screen Remember Me and that the movie was still a working progress. There will be changes made to the movie based on the opinions and reactions they receive at the screenings. I can only hope that in any future screenings for Remember Me...they will find people who will be totally honest with their feelings towards the movie. There were only a few of us that were honest with our opinions during the discussion group. This movie can improve if they are given the right feedback.

Now on to the important stuff...

The sex scenes
Yes, there were sex scenes in the movie. In fact, there were three.

The first sex scene was about 1-2 minutes long. Most of it are close ups of them together having sex...naked...moaning...and groaning. We do see skin!!!

The second sex scene is what I'm assuming is the next day after they have sex (or it could be a couple hours after the first sex session). They are both naked in bed laying side by side. It was kind of weird and awkward as they both started gyrating under the cover and started to make weird sex faces.

The last sex scene was hot! Although, during the discussion group people felt that this scene was unnecessary and confusing. The scene takes place after he comes back from storming into his dads board meeting and confronts his dad for not showing up to Caroline's art show. He comes back to his apartment (he and Ally had gotten into an argument before he confronts his dad) so they are both frustrated and angry. He storms in and is an emotional wreck. Ally tries to comfort him..which leads into hot, angry, frustrating sex. He's pushing her up against the wall and they have nice wall sex together.

Little tidbits:

Rob does not play the guitar in the movie. He does have a scene with a guitar on his lap but he doesn't play it. :(

There are a lot of skin teasing in this movie. We see Rob shirtless several times. And for those interested yes Emile shows off some skin in the movie too.

Caroline and Aidan are my favorite characters in the movie. They stole the movie! Caroline was cute as a button and Aidan was fucking hilarious!

The ending of the movie was crap. I thought I would be bawling by the end of the movie. This was not the case.

This movie is NOT a romantic drama. It is not a chick flick.



Isa said...

I can't wait to watch Remember Me.
The waiting is killing me and your review it's fucking awesome.

loriemora said...

I don't know i am such a Twilight fan that it is so awkard to see him in that kind of role with someone else! I think it is going to take time for me to see any other movie especially that one! Kinda grosses me out of him with that girl!

Anonymous said...

I think it was a mistake reading this. *trying to get mental pictures out of head* gotta go.

caninecologne said...

thanks for your review. can't wait to read your friend's review.

well, let's put it this way, i hope they keep that third sex scene!!!!! sounds hottt!!!

Anonymous said...

The movie sucked

I saw the screening and the only way this movie will do good at the box office is because of robert pattinson.

His acting wasn't too good in it.

The ending sucked as well.

Anonymous said...

Sex scene.
Against the wall.
Angry, hot, frustrated sex, against the wall.


Sherri Berri said... need for so many damn sex scenes. Is it really necessary? He is hot though, out of my league, out of all of your leagues, he's a movie star, we are all nobodies, he will never know we exist. So get over it, no need to make signs that say marry me when you dont even know him. Yeah you may know his stinkin life story or whatever but until you meet someone in person and have had a nice long chat, you really dont know them.

ttomray123 said...

I seen a special screening for the movie. I love the movie it was like one of the best movies i ever seen and there is only 2 sex scenes the movie is funny sad romactic it has everything in it the shocker is at the end and all of you will find that out. I hope you all enjoy the movie

Donna said...

I just saw the movie and I thought it was very good. It didn't have a chase scene in it so I'm guessing guys won't care for it. I was impressed with character development over the course of the movie and it made me care about them and how their lives were unfolding. I felt it was similar to "Up in the Air" in that it had the same sort of low key, but moving, feel to it.

Zainab said...

I went to see this movie this past Saturday, 30 minutes into the movie I had the urge to get up and leave however considering I'm a Rob fan decided to stick it out.... of course when the movie was done I realised I should have left. I found myself oddly shocked by his performance in this movie and not in a good way. Considering I am a Rob fan it was odd realising his limitations as an actor. Maybe the more experience he gains in the industry the more he'll improve.