Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paris Press Conference - a few details

12h27 : Arrival of the smiling stars Kristen is stunning with her white dress, fans are crazy, the atmosphere is incredible. It’s completely nuts out there with Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Chris Weitz. Pattinson is even embarrassed to trigger off all this attention.

12h46 : Kristen answers the 1st question. Rob is exhausted, he keeps rubbing his eyes ans once again he is amazed by the crowd who is in front of him… and who can’t help watching him ! Twilight, it’s not just a movie, it’s a phenomenon !

12h53 : Robert jokes and avoids half the questions giving them to Kristen ! The mix of shyness and humor is really cute but we’d love to have information !

12h59 : Robert Pattinson’s favorite vampire film ? “mine”, he says smiling. The audience is laughing.

13h01 : According to the actor ,New Moon has a different mood. Very different from the 1st movie.

13h07 : Kristen agrees. She thinks the 2nd movie can be seen if you haven’t sen Twilight.

13h10 : End of the press conference. For the fans it was too short ! The exclusive news will be given another time. What a pity…

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