Sunday, November 1, 2009

NW Scans

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Before the November premiere of the highly-anticipated New Moon, NW chats to the stars about the sequel.

Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen)
Rob’s rocketed to crazy levels of superstardom since he shot the first Twilight movie, and he’s still waiting to turn into a jerk because of it. “I keep waiting for the day that I wake up and I’m just an asshole to everybody,” he says.
And yes, girls, he admits there’s some serious sizzle between him and Kristen that makes it very, very easy to shoot love scenes. “There’s just this natural chemistry thing I have with Kristen,” Robert confesses. “Even during the sequel, it was so easy. I was worried that I didn’t know how to do it and it was like, it’s so easy to play off her.”
But make sure you soak up his beauty now, because he’s set to let himself go pretty badly for his next role, as George De Roy in Bel Ami. “I have to gain quite a bit of weight,” Rob says. “I just have to look a bit older – he’s kind of been living heavy, living hard for a good six years, just kind of getting drunk all the time and stuff, so I want to look bent and haggard.”

Dakota Fanning (Jane)
Forget the sweet-faced child actress you used to know. Dakota Fanning is a teen queen now, not to mention she’s pure evil in New Moon as Volturi vampire Jane – but she says she grew to love her character. “I quite like [Jane], actually,” admits Dakota. “I mean I think that it was something different for me and not a lot of people are used to seeing me be mean to people.
Even more, she liked working with Robert Pattinson. Well, colour us shocked! “He’s very, very attractive. I mean, we’ve become friends, I’ve gotten to be around him a lot and he’s really sweet,” she says.

Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen)
If you could play cupid for a day who would you pair yourself with?
Probably me and Jackson. [Laughs.] I’d pair myself with someone, I don’t know!
Robert Pattinson?
Oh yeah, he’s so adorable, he’s such a great guy. That’s the other thing, I get to play Alice and I get to be opposite him, so I’m happy.
You’ve said being on set was like high school – were there any cliques?
It’s funny yeah, I feel like we’ve all switched out friends. In the first one, there were certain people that hung out more so than others and on the second it kind of changed. The thing is on the second one, for the majority of the shoot, it was me Kristen, Rob and Taylor, the four of us. We didn’t really have any options. But I also hung out with Kellan a lot ’cause we’ve known each other for four years and so he’s probably the one I hang out with the most – we work out together.

Scans via readthebooknow on Pattinsonlife

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