Thursday, November 5, 2009

Noot Seear talks about Rob

They say the fanatism raised about the movie got you upset.
I couldn't believe that: all those little girls sent into a frenzy for Pattinson. I'm curious to see if after the movie will be released, people will change their attitude towards me, too. I've got a small but exciting role.

Did you know Pattinson before you met on the set?
No, I only knew one of the vampires, Christopher (Heyerdahl, a canadian actor who plays Marcus).
I was very nervous at first, but on set they were all so kind and also a lot younger than me... They showed me all and explained everything.

Rumors of a flirt between you and Pattinson have already spread.

Too young?
Not only. He's delicious, but he's not my kind and I haven't had time to know him off the set yet. We've done some scenes together, I'm always among the Volturi vampires, the Italian family I'm bound to.

Also, she says that Kristen is her favourite, and wasn't jealous at all.

Source - scans and translation: Lille_ma in Pattinsonlife

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