Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nikki and Edi talk about Rob to J-14


J-14: When fans tell you they want to marry Rob, do you pass along the proposals?

Nikki: Rob's got a list of a million 12-year-olds waiting to marry him! If all else fails, he has a lot of options!

J-14: Did you guys expect that the fans would be this crazy?

Nikki: No! And it's not just Rob -- that's the amazing thing. All the boys in this movie -- the fans just go crazy for all of them. Sometimes Kristen and I just want to be like, "we're so sorry we're not the boys!"

J-14: If you had to come up with one word to describe each of the vampire guys in your movie fam, what would it be for...

J-14: Rob?

Nikki:: Hmm, yeah, Rob's complicated!

J-14: Is there a story behind that?

Nikki: One that I shall not speak of!


J-14 exclusive interview with Edi Gathegi about what school superlative he'd give his castmates:

Let's start with Rob Pattinson...

Edi Gathegi: Most likely to succeed. Already has success.


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