Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pics of Rob in the press conference and fan event

HQ Pics

Thanks to Mr. Pattinson

From the Fan event

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ILINAjoy_ said...

that girl is the luckiest girl in the world right now, STANDING next to robert, TOUCHING him


bouncy72 said...

Sh*t how can one man be so beautiful. *Sigh* ya I agree with ILINAjoy_ the girl in the pics is on of the luckiest girls in the world...(I'd rather be Kristen though...get to hang out with him alot more. Also if nothing else she gets to make out with him whilst filming)

iena amoi said...

We were at the fan event, a lucky Japan girl who won the LA premier tix got to hug him....aarghhhh!!!!! We got close up pics of RP. visit http://twilightersmalaysia.blogspot.com in a few days time.

But there was only 2 questions on Q&A asked and no autograph session at all. Sucks!! we were like 50 feet away!!! Might as well just watch from YouTube!! Oh...yeah we got video too....uhuhuhu

Anonymous said...

Rob looks beautiful as always!