Friday, November 13, 2009

Confirmed: Rob is an executive producer of Remember Me

A quick (non-”Twilight,” non-Robsten) Robert Pattinson confirmation to answer a question we received many times today.

For those who haven’t heard, or those who had heard but weren’t sure it was accurate: Yes, Pattinson is an executive producer of his upcoming film, “Remember Me,” a source with the production confirms to Gossip Cop.

We look forward to tabloids confusedly putting out cover stories naming Pattinson the director, boom operator, and caterer on a sequel to “Remember The Titans.”

Gossip Cop


love_twilight09 said...

really? that's awesome , i didnt know nothing about that . good 4 rob .

Anonymous said...

oh wow ! he never cease to amaze me and he is only 23. i'm interested to see what else he would do :) GOROB!