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Charlie Bewley talks about Rob to OK! UK

How does it feel being the ‘new guy’ on set when a lot of the cast have already met?
It was weird going in, you know these people simply through magazine covers.
The first scene I did in New Moon was this scene in a very tight space with Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and Daniel Cudmore and suddenly you’re told to act and interact with these people.
It’s a very surreal experience and as good an actor as you think you are, you have to really get into the moment and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the fact that you’re standing there with these five guys who are pretty much the most photographed people in the world right now.

Did you speak to them much when you first got there or did you keep to yourself?
You’re in the same spaces all the time so you’re either on set or you’re in the makeup trailer or in the green room-style thing.
I spoke in depth with Kristen, I had good chats with Rob and Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning – who is just the sweetest girl, she’s very down to earth.

Was there any awkwardness on set?
Everyone has their own space and you’re on a very high-profile movie set. Not everyone’s running around on bouncy castles and high-fiving each other. Sometimes it’s quite a tense environment, that’s just the nature of the business and working on a film set.
We do get time off and we had some great little afterparties – especially in Italy. When it comes down to it they’re just normal people doing their jobs at a high stakes level.

How do you think Robert, Kristen and Taylor are dealing with the fame?
I think they’re dealing with it really well. I mean, this has never really happened to anyone before. What’s happened to Rob is unprecedented, Taylor’s not far behind and Kristen has been in the industry long enough to really [know it]. I saw Rob recently and he seems to be doing just fine and Taylor’s just having a great time. They obviously have a lot to do in the next year and it’s a crazy life for them. They’re just taking it day-by-day.

Are you prepared for that level of fame, or a similar level?
I don’t know, do you think it will happen to someone in the Volturi?

Yes, we think it probably will…
I think they’re [the fans] are going to go insane for Rob [at the premiere], they’re all there for Rob essentially – and Taylor and Kristen. But fans will take something from the multitude of different characters that are introduced in New Moon. So you won’t just have Team Edward and Team Jacob, you’ll have Team Jared or Team Caius.

Do you think New Moon will put Taylor up where Rob is in the fame department?
Yeah, I think he is due that. This is his movie, he was very much on the back burner for the first movie. I think Taylor is in for a fun ride with the mass hysteria he will be involved in very soon.

Do you think he’s ready for it?
He’s not an introverted Bambi.

Is that what Robert Pattinson is?
[laughs] No, no, Rob is someone who is a very talented musician. It’s funny, when I first went to the set I caught him outside having a smoke and my first words to him were ‘So... Are you alright, are you OK?’. [Laughs]
Because I was in the same boat as everyone else so all I’d seen was this massive amount of attention on him, which has only gotten bigger since.
He said: ‘Yeah, yeah I’m OK, I’m cool.’ I asked if he was having fun and he said: “It’s great but all my mates are back home in London getting record contracts”.
[Laughs]I thought that was brilliant, I stood there for a second and I thought ‘Wow, you’re life really sucks!’ It was a cool little candid moment that I’ll always remember.

We bet that would have made a great little video moment…
Yeah, there were so many cool little outtakes, I hope someone kept them. There is so much funny stuff going on.

Is it weird to have fans when they haven’t seen you in anything yet?
No one has seen me but people have seen what I’m like as a person. People gauge who you are and how you’re taking this and I try to be as accessible to fans as possible. I think it’s really important.
Right now it’s better for me to be there with the fans rather than hide myself away, what’s the point? I’m not at Rob’s [Pattinson] level, I don’t need to hide myself away for my own safety. For me, being there for fans and really giving them what they want is great and it’s something they cherish and they deserve. They’ve given a lot to this Saga and they deserve something back.

Are Rob and Kristen dating?
Kristen and Rob are spending a lot of time in their own company, I know that – that’s as far as I can go. You can make your own assumptions. I don’t actually care!

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