Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anna Kendrick talks about Rob and THAT famous picture

There’s a picture online of Robert Pattinson kissing you. Do people tease you about that?
I have seen fans comment on places that post them, but no one in person has ever said anything but nice things to me about being in Twilight. The fans, when you are removed from them and they’re on the internet, can seem a little scary and overwhelming. Even at the premiere, which was loud and massive and crazy, once you got up to the fans to start signing stuff, they were really warm and respectful.

Can you even begin to fathom what Rob is going through?
Yeah, I went Comic-Con and I have never seen anything like it. For whatever reason Rob and Twilight kind of flipped the switch in people’s heads, and all they can do is scream. It is really intense but I kind of wanted to see what it was like for myself. I kind of needed to know first-hand because I’d seen these videos from the first Comic-Con they did. I just figured it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing, so I had to see for myself. And it was every bit as intense and terrifying as I thought it was going to be.

What’s the hysteria like on set in Vancouver?
The one thing that we had to shoot outside was just with Kristen, and they kept Rob really covered because again, even if it’s Kristen, girls seem to have the ability to stay quiet and be respectful, but with Rob, it’s like a different story. So, they have to kind of block out the set and we are kind of working in something of a cave because having him around is a security risk.

How has the atmosphere changed around Robert and Kristen, now that they’re superstars?
The atmosphere hasn’t changed, and they haven’t changed and certainly the way that they behave, or we behave around them hasn’t changed at all. It’s as though everything is normal except there are these crowds of screaming people, but it feels completely separate from the movie. It feels almost as though it has almost nothing to do with what we are actually working on.


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