Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rob's schedule in Cannes

It was in the air, such a gull flying over the palace without daring to settle, such a too shy dream to become reality. And nevertheless. He will be there. He is on the way. He arrives. The festival-goers, especially the young people and all the present teenagers in some kilometres around, are already in trance.

Robert Pattinson is to suck the lifeblood out of Croisette.

On Tuesday, May 19th, the electric star of Twilight - Chapter 1: fascination will honor with its animal, sensual, unreal beauty, the 62nd edition. He will make an appearance on the set of “Le Grand Journal” of Canal +, at which he will arrive surrounded to bodyguards, a protection like for a head of state.
And the next day, it is the red carpet of the palace that will grow pink of pleasure, because He will climb the stairs and will attend the official projection of Inglourious Basterds.

Faints, shouts of hysteria, assured madness, and worse still. Because if he is there on Wednesday, if he attends a projection, it means that he sleeps in Cannes and thus that he will wake up there, that on Thursday, 21 will be even gala day for the fans.

He will be in Cannes to present to the Market of the film his next full- length film, Remember Me.”


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