Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lainey Gossip About New Moon Shoot

As I’ve already reported, yesterday’s scenes involved the Volturi and Carlisle in a flashback explaining what happens to vampires who break the rules. Then they reject Edward’s request.
Today: Edward is hurled in the air, tossed against a wall when he attempts to protect Bella. Am pretty sure in the book his torture consisted of him writhing on the floor in pain. Obviously, visually, the throwing is much more spectacular, requiring much less emphasis on, um, Robert Pattinson’s facial expressions. Every time he was hurting in the first movie, he looked like he wanted to poo. Oh hush Twi-hards. It was the direction!
Also on sched: Aro is convinced to release Bella, Edward, and Alice because he sees the vision.

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nicnic-10 said...

why are they filming that now....and not in Italy or did I miss something?