Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Fan Picture of Rob and FKA twigs in London - December 23
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Thank you for taking time for a pic x — at Starbucks At London Victoria Station.
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Rob MyLove said...

with his hoodie he looks super cute warm and snuggly. and twigs looks very pretty

Anonymous said...

love the way he changes his hair style from day to day. I mean one day it looks shaved the next he has hair again.

L Willie said...

She does look pretty in that pic. And Rob looks handsome as always. :) I'm glad they seem to be having a nice holiday together!

No one special said...

Great pic.. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. :)

goofy and gus said...

Agreed Chris. And his warm clothing on 23 rd def does not fit the 24 th. And at the train station on 23 rd. kinda puts a kabosh on both 23 rd photoshopped pic of non Christmas party and 24 th tent/ pub doesn't it ??

Brenda Wilson said...

It is so neat to get these holiday surprises of Rob/Twigs. They look
abso-freaking-lutely fabulous.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey goofy and gus it's to bad the people on here can't take off the blinders long enough to notice that. I also heard that where they claim the pic was taken would have been packed on the 23rd but they only have one sighting. I'm going to sit back and watch what happens when it all comes out.

tiffi said...
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goofy and gus said...

Chris too.
there are enough inconsistencies just with these holiday pics alone.
If people would go back and look at everything, well....the blinders may come off.
But such is life I suppose.

Truth will come out sooner or later.
I'll just make some popcorn and wait also.

Chelsea said...

For those who are too dense to figure it out on their own, Rob and Tahliah posed with this woman on the 23rd because they were in a public place, coming from public transport.

They weren't at a family party on Xmas eve. The people who stalked them on the 24th didn't deserve a photo, they should never have approached him to begin with. He was having a private time with his family, not out in Victoria Station.

He graciously posed with a fangirl at the Cochran restaurant and was seen shopping with Tahliah by the deputy editor of Elle, who I think should be able to recognize him and Twigs.

He sure seemed to be having a good time at the family party with his parents, he was laughing in that sneaky fan pic. It must be such a relief to be with his family and friends when he's so happy with his girlfriend. His fans are happy for him.

Rob MyLove said...

yes his fans are very happy for him

goofy and gus said...

I don't think I'm dense at all.
We don't know if Rob and Twigs were "coming" from public transport. LOL.

Notice too please, the "Christmas Eve" pic doesn't have any Christmas Deco's either. That pub, and tent outside, we've seen before in years past. And it was packed...and decorated....
Not so much this time.

Those 3 Swedish girls also changed up their story and have Miami listed on their profiles.
I would almost hazzard a guess that the pic was from earlier in Dec. during the Art Festival in Miami,which would also explain an outside "tent"... but you go on with your bad self and think what you want.

No matter what any of us "think", none of us really "know" for sure do we?

As long as we are not bashing, then we should have a right to our opinion.

Chelsea said...

The only people who have a problem with these pics have an agenda of their own, and have a problem accepting reality.

Rob made his choice, her name is Tahliah, and he appears to be having a blast, showing her off to his family and friends, and taking her all over London.

I always thought he would end up with a British girl when he got ready to be serious and think about a long term future. These two have so much in common besides their British heritage. Close in age, they're both musicians, very creative, kind, and march to the beat of their own drum. Very happy for both of them.

goofy and gus said...

Appears is your key word here Chelsea.

Chelsea said...

There was a Russian girl who was also at the tent behind the pub on Xmas eve, and her story matches with the photo.

The tent is not decorated the same way the inside of the pub is, so I'm not bothered by the lack of decorations in the tiny portion of the tent that's shown in the pic.

Rob is in London with Tahliah, and his sisters were in the tent pic. They weren't in Miami.

There is not conspiracy, no fake photos. It's not your opinion, you just have a problem accepting reality.

goofy and gus said...

Rob's sisters were not in that tent pic.
No where in that tent pic. Let's keep it real here.

Chelsea said...

You need to look again, his sisters are right behind him in the tent pic. Plain as day. Looks like Lizzy is directly behind him and Victoria is to his right.

The whole family was there, the Russian girl confirmed it. She even spoke to his dad. The very idea that you might think this was Miami is silly. It was hot in Miami, they never would have worn coats like this there.

goofy and gus said...

hahahaha.....that is most def NOT either Victoria or Lizzie with the blonde short hair behind him there.
That is Twigs peep who has been with her for a while.
No other blonde appears in that pic.
There are two dudes and what may be Twigs forehead and another dude right up front.
The Russian girl could be feeding a line. We've seen that how many times in the last 6 years? LOTS.....
He has a jacket on..not a coat.

Are you baiting me, or truly seeing things that are not in the frame of the picture you chose to show? The others don't look to have coats on either...

goofy and gus said...

and the short haired blonde can see her shoulder and shoulder strap of dress. Not exactly London weather for that is it?
There is a man behind Rob...
So again, how is it you are "seeing" things that are not at all in this picture?

Chelsea said...

You need new glasses. That is Victoria, she still has long hair, it's under her black scarf and tucked into her white coat. That woman doesn't have short hair, it's just hidden by all the layers she has on.

It was confirmed that his whole family was with him that night. No one is making anything up. You're the one who has a problem with reality.

He has on the same jacket he was wearing on the 22nd when he was photographed at the Cochran restaurant in London, with Tahliah.

You can keep denying reality, but it won't change anything. Rob will still be in London with his girl and his family.

goofy and gus said...

while you are at it, explain please, when the picture is enlarged, you see a square filmy frame around Rob's face as if it were added to the picture to begin with? and why the hand around the person who is supposed to be Twigs is not Rob's hand? Look at the fingers.

Chelsea said...

His face has been lightened so you can see it better and of course that's his hand, guiding Tahliah.

You obviously see what you want to see and refuse to accept reality.

Again, it won't change anything in Rob's life. He's been in London with his girl and his family, having a blast. I expect we'll get NYE pics that you will refuse to accept, too, lol.

goofy and gus said...

I'm not debating the presence of Rob and Twigs in England right now...I'm confident they are.
I'm debating the validity of these pics...all except the 22nd Restaurant pic and the 23rd Train Station pic....

Chelsea said...

Too bad the 3 Swedish girls and the separate Russian girl who doesn't even know the Swedish girls all tell the same story.

They were all there, they all saw Rob, Tahliah and his whole family and they even took a sneaky pic.

Rob has gone to this pub on Xmas eve night for the past 8 years that we know of. He's probably gone there with his family his whole life.

But you have a problem accepting it. lol forever.

goofy and gus said...

I am not seeing what I want to see, you however are if you see Lizzie and Victoria in that pic.
Lightening a picture does not cause a visible square around his face.
It looks as though someone has applied scotch tape over his face, inside the red circle.
That hand is not his. Look at the fingers.

Mia4Rob said...

Chelsea, you are absolutely right about Lizzy being in that pic. Bravo! Rob's dad is in the Christmas party pic. You are wasting your time trying to reason with people who clearly live in a fantasy. They have NEVER seen the so called baby that Kristen supposedly had for Rob, but they are totally ok with photoshopped pictures of Rob and Kristen holding a baby. They come up with asinine conspiracies that truly defy logic. It's sad. That's the best word I can come up with. NOTHING, and I mean absolutely NOTHING will convince them. Kristen (who is supposedly a new mother) has been spending her time with Alicia, not "Sweet Pea" and I'm she looks happy. I am happy for her. Rob's true fans are so happy for him. If his real fans will just keep supporting him and ignore the madness all will be well.

goofy and gus said...

And the Swedish girls do not tell the same story. In fact one of them said she didn't see anything.....but waited at their table.
Too many inconsistencies here.

goofy and gus said...

Mia4Rob, we are talking about the Christmas Eve tent pic.
Not the 23rd party pic.
That blonde with short hair behind Rob is most def not either of his sisters. His father is no where in that pic either.

And I have not uttered one word about what you have ranted on after you spoke your first sentence.
I'm only saying some of these pics are not the real things, and it's clear to see.

zsuzsip said...

Great to see a happy photo of Rob&Twings Thanks RPL,@Chelsie I so agree with You,@goofy&gus pls stop dissecting photos etc.,get a life,its time to move on Rob has!

goofy and gus said...

And I do believe Chelsea, that you are projecting, or assuming.
Rob has said he goes to that pub on Christmas Eve....with his friends.
To meet up and catch up with his friends.
He has never mentioned his family joining in.
We can't assume facts not in evidence.
Do you see Sam, Marcus, Nettie, Michaela or any of the others there in that frame pic? But you have in years past right?
Doesn't matter though does it, because just as you say for will see what you want.

S'ok though.

Mia4Rob said...

goofy, since you have actually acknowledge that Rob and Twigs are in fact in London together then my comments are not for you. If you want to believe that some of the pics are photoshopped have at it. I really don't care. I was trying to give credit to Chelsea's intelligence and advise her not to get into a debate with people who are ridiculous.

Mia4Rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chelsea said...

Sorry Gus, I don't need to project anything, I have eyes. I see Rob's sisters in that tent pic, and 2 different accounts said his whole family was with him.

I have seen Lizzy with him in that pub before.

And just because I don't see Sam or Marcus in that pic doesn't mean they weren't there. The whole crowd could have been there, already sitting down at a table. Who knows or cares?

The fact is that Rob, his girl and his family were there this year. Maybe they all went because they had something special to celebrate this year that they never had before.

goofy and gus said...

I need you then Chelsea, to point out exactly where Victoria and Lizzie are in that pic.
The girl behind him has short hair, you can see it clearly short, not tucked in. You can see her shoulder and shoulder strap dress.
There is no other woman in that frame, with the exception of a forehead that may or may not be Twigs.
Sam was not there per his own IG, he says he's in the countryside.....Marcus hasn't IG'ed anything about the pub.

Again, evidence not in fact. The rest of his family is not in the frame anywhere.

goofy and gus said...

and you yourself have changed your story here, saying it's Victoria, then Lizzie. So who is it?
It's neither.
Neither of those sisters look like the girl in the pic.

goofy and gus said...

and truth be told...the coat he has in the 22nd restaurant pic is not the same as this one in the 24th pic...the 24th pic isn't as "poufy".
Those aren't Rob's fingers either. They are too thick. Nail beds not long enough.

zeenie baby said...

Thats a great pic of Rob and i also clearly see Rob's sis in that pic.And according to tweets the entire Pattinson clan had a fun evening as per their tradition.
Some people are too delusional and insist on living in a fantasy land. Rob could be married and has kids and they would still be talking photoshop to protect SP and a fanfic marriage.
They are just too far gone

justsaying said...

Goofy - never have I seen a user name so appropriately matched to a point of view. Although tf you really below what you're spewing than you're way beyond goofy and heading straight for loco.

goofy and gus said...

Just saying ... How very rude of you. But you can't make me see something that clearly is not there. To each his own I suppose.

Linda Root said...

I will never understand why people can not accept he is there with Tahliah. He is doing nothing different with her that he did not do with his exes. Kristen hung with his family and friends for years as did Nina as will his next GF and do on it is normal to have your GF or BF met your family and friends. They will be together for NY just like normal people agsin nothing different then any other year other then a new girl with him. Rob has and is always a happy and smiley guy no matter if dating or not that is just him he looks good like alwsys.

Chelsea said...

lol, Linda, you're too generous. There is only one photo of Rob and KS with his parents, and that was a private, leaked photo. She never spent Christmas eve or Christmas with his family and friends.

As far as we know, he never took her to his local pub, there certainly have never been pics of that.

And there are no pics of her with his sisters, either. As for what Rob will do with future girlfriends, who says there will be any future girlfriends? He may be with this one for a very long time.

Linda Root said...

Hi Chelsea! I am not trying to be generous but thanks for the complement. I never said he hung with them on Christmas your right she didn't she was with her own family. I am sure that if Tahlia family lived somewhere else she to would have spent it with her family. Not sure why you seem so put out by my post. Kristen was always with him for NY and if you really do not think she spent time with his family you are crazy. There are many pics of her and his sisters and her and his mom and dad over the years they dated she was there for thanksgiving one year even I don't see the big deal there are even pics of both set of parents laughing and hanging out again not a big deal. His family also spent time with Nina. He could be with her for a long time he was with his exes for 3-4 years so it could happen and it could not I was making a point that he is doing nothing different that most people who are in a relationship do and Should they break up his next GF will also meet and hang with family and friends. I gave no problem with who Rob dates so it really is no big deal I like him for him not for anything else.

Lucy said...

Why is so important to you guys when, where and with whom exactly they were when the pics where taken? They seem to be in a cold weather with friends and maybe family. And I am lost at the russian girls, maybe I do not have enough time to check other sites. But what is important is that in all the pics he looks happy, it doesnt matter if the pic was taken the 23 or 24 or in a train station or in a tent or pub, with or without his sisters, dont you think??

vinciane said...

saw few times rob's sisters and they are not in the tent pictures! and i have good view! they are in London that's all! just saw daddy pattinson on one of the pix....

girliegirl805 said...

I knew when I saw there were over 40 comments here I'd find Chelsea typing away.

vana said...

What a lovely picture!

vana said...

What a lovely picture!

guest one said...

Is this the Goofy and Gus show on here. It sure seems to be. Chelsea, this person, and I don't know if Goofy and Gus and Chris are the same person or not, but they are from HKN and come to this blog to stir the pot which is by Chris's own omission on HKN. They live in a world of their own when it comes to giving up Edward and Bella. They know Kristen has been papped with Alicia all through the Christmas holidays but they will not talk about those pictures. It is too hard for them to accept that Rob moved on from her and chose T for his girlfriend whom he seems to be very fond of. Please don't comment back to them for that like to keep the fandom war going but they don't realize that their ship is sinking at HKN, it's just a matter of time. Especially if T comes up with an engagement ring she got for Christmas.

goofy and gus said...

Guest one ... You sound quite paranoid. I am only myself.
But because I don't fall hook line and sinker for some photos that are odd, you say I must be sent from a hkn something or other.
I would challenge you to go look at all my posts and find anything but rob related comments.

This is a rob fansite comment section is it not ?
I think more people would post here if they didn't get ramrodded because their opinion differs from others. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Guest one, goofy and gus are not me, I do know the difference between Rob and Kristen and Edward and Bella. You know I seen all the pics of Kristen and Alicia over Christmas and Just like Rob's her hair seem to be growing one day and shorter the next then long again the next. I think all the pics have been plants, I DO NOT NEED HKN or anyone one else to point out the obvious, I not living in a fantasy world. I think that you Chelsea are because Rob's family has spent a lot of time with Kristen even attended Snow White and the Huntsman premiere in London there's pics of them at the after party. It will come out sooner or later that Rob and Twigs are just PR, Someone mention a engagement ring really. Rob just did another interview where he says that he don't want to be in the gossip mags. So I would say he is telling you everything you need to know. Sorry I'm going to be sitting back laughing when it all comes out. Oh goofy and Gus keep up the good fight.

Enna said...

They look adorable. What a cute couple they make.

Mia4Rob said...

Chelsea, this Chris B person believes and follows HKN (and the others in the nut wagon), who post a TON of clearly photoshopped pics of Rob and K together and many other photos of them and someone else's baby dropped in to brainwash her followers about "sweet pea". Rob and K's fantasy love child. These people are grandmothers!! OMG, most are lonely cat ladies and batsh*t crazy divorcees who are so emotionally invested in Bella and Edward that they believe it's real life!!! She believes in THOSE pics and what THOSE people preach! Don't waste your time. Don't bring your self to someone of that caliber's level.

Anonymous said...

You know Mia4Rob, yes I read HKN's blog so do plenty of others I bet you do too. As for posting photo shopped pics I haven't I wouldn't even know how to do it. But I can tell you that all these past pics we have gotten the ones posting them have photoshopped or changed the dates on them. As fro being emotionally invested in Bella and Edward I do love the twilight books and movies in which I know the difference between the character and the person to bad you don't. So what if we are grandmothers we can't be fans of actors or there work. I would like to know where you got your degree so you can diagnose me as batshit crazy. Here is the thing I didn't need HKN or anyone else to tell me what I see and have read from both of there mouths. Maybe your not as big a fan as you claim because if you were you would have noticed everything others have. As for Chelsea I shouldn't have argue with you that he was selling his private life because everything he does with Twigs is work it's called PR and I guess you can call it work.

Sweeny Jackson said...

I would like to know how Rob is selling his private life when he hasn't said anything at all yet. All I see is paparazzi stalking this man harassing the hell out of him just because he is known as one of the worlds most famous "vampire Edward Collins." AND thanks to Kstew... one of the biggest embarrassing break ups in hollywood history. Rob is not seling his private life. Tahliah just let it be known how she feels about him which is cool unlike the other UNTIL she was busted with Rupert. So again, how is Rob selling his private life?

Sweeny Jackson said...

And for the record, guess how these paparazzi people find out where they can find celebs who don't want to be found? THE PEOPLE. They have some people who can press speed dial on their phone to let them know what celebs are at a club, resturaunt, island, you name it. I saw this on E tv channel.

goofy and gus said...

Sweeny, I think you are very mis informed.
Selling one's "life" doesn't mean only talking about it. And just what "life" is being sold? Do we know these famous people? really, we have no clue what their "real lives" are...only what we see...and a picture makes it real right?...not always.

Paparrazzi are not stalking him in the manner you suggest. He is smiling and laughing and yucking it up for them.
That by Rob's very own definition is "work". "When you see me out and's for work". Those are his own words.

Have you seen since August, paps chasing him, following him, him stopping police to get help? No.
You have however, seen he and Twigs looking directly at the camera in almost all the pics...Well, no, take that back. In all the pics there are some when they def are smiling right at that camera.
So how can you know it's a pap op? A staged set of photos?
Because all the strangers around them are also looking directly at the camera. Go back and look at the photos. You will see what is clearly in front of you.

I am not dissing Rob in anyway, shape or form. He's an actor, it's part of an actor's job to remain present and in your mind between his films. It is what it is. He is not the first to participate in a pap op, or set of them..he won't be the last.

goofy and gus said...

HW has a love / hate relationship with the paps. This can be said of any actor/celeb in HW. They need them, but don't appreciate the intrusion into things at times.

But what we've witnessed since August isn't Rob selling his personal life. It's Rob selling a storyline to keep him in your minds and to the forefront. Again it is what it is.
Twigs is part and parcel of that.
And let's all be truthful, before August, who here really even knew who she was? So these pap ops have benefited her immensely as well, wouldn't you say? Again, I'm not dissing...I think what is going on is just part of the beast called HW....

Think of it in his words once again. "I have a small project to do before Idol's Eye". Well, Idol's Eye didn't pan out (I'm sad about that too...),so continue the "project".

goofy and gus said...

Now it's true, Paps do also use people who call or tweet locations, but it's not what we are seeing here.

If you remember in his July/August interviews for The Rover, he said "My Lo....(then switched to)... Private Life is not for sale." He just told you he won't sell the "true me"...but he will sell a storyline, esp. if it keeps him fresh in your eyes until his next film. Part of the job. Period. No more, no less. He doesn't have to "like"'s just a necessity.

Words. Words mean a ton and are very useful for not telling the whole of a subject. The words chosen for a sentence, and the way they are arranged can make or break a guilty verdict in a courtroom. This is truth.

Don't believe me?..Check out Gossip Cops writers. They do it every day. Use creative words because they know the average reader will take stuff at face value and not really pay attention, because it feeds their own frame of mind on a subject. Gotta feed the beast right?

Today for example...GC posted 10 or 14 of the "hottest" couples that may last into 2015. (Paraphrased).
Now they didn't say REAL....just whose standards does "hottest" mean?..well by yours, and hers, and his...the fans. they are pandering to your interests..what you want.

HW gives the fan what they want. Most times it is far away from what is the "real" private life of that actor/celeb. Why?
Why can't they all just be real?
Well, c'mon now...cause you and her and him and they...the fans don't want REAL...they want what they perceive to be the be the truth.
and how unfair is that? An actor gives you their blood sweat and tears on a film...yet you want the absolute truth and private life too?...I call party foul.
I for one don't blame them...not one iota.

If I give you a you can follow and chase such as a goose, then you don't, can't, won't know my "real private life"..and I can have some much needed PEACE for a bit.
No one want's to be "on" 24/7.
I think we expect this of Rob...shame too.

For us to believe that Rob would parade around someone who he really does "love", who is a part of his "real private life" though they were a commodity...well, that does him a disservice too doesn't it?

It's a storyline aimed to get publicity for both. It is is what it is. He's not selling out here...LOL..because he's not selling truth.

Enjoy it while it lasts. The writing is on the wall with this I do believe. Why? Because as much as Rob has said in the last 6+ years..even before Twilight about his "real private life not being for sale"...this is all that we have seen...overkill actually.

Sweeny, you and others all have opinions...but when you state things as "and for the record"....when you really don't "LOOK" at what is going on right in front of you, well, it's quite discouraging.

HW is what it is...smoke and mirrors.
Maybe someday, something will hit you a certain way with pap ops or write ups and it will make sense.

goofy and gus said...

Just remember this...famous line from the movie Argo "Best way to sell a lie is to get the media to do it for you"...

Why sell a lie?..because that's what the fans want.
You, me, she, he, him and her....asked for it right? know we all did.

guest one said...

I can't understand why some people fee threatened by Rob and T's pictures. People change when they are in love. Yes, Rob said he didn't sell his private life but that was when he was with Kristen. He is older now and wiser and he met someone he clicked with and to hell with what everyone else said or thought about it. I truly believe he is enjoying a full blown love affair with T and if it turns into something more, than that's strictly Rob's business, not our's. Why hyperventilate over whether the pictures are real or not. It really none of our business and it makes you look desperate.

rahab said...

Oh goofy and Gus. Get out of your dads basement and get a life. You talk so much rubbish. I am a fan of rob, I love him just the way he is 💕💕

vana said...

Rob is showing us that he is in a new relationship, it's very clear, he can't be blamed for doing what he has to do to show us as clearly as possible that he has a new life. My very last comment relating To Rob's personal life. Happy New Year I'm going to enjoy the new thread and not look back

justsaying said...

Goofy - get help.

Carmen Hodges said...

Chelsea, you are so right! And, if any of their pics were photoshopped, I'm sure neither had anything to do with it. Some of the naysayers claim to b Rob's fans, but clearly their comments prove otherwise. Like you, I too am so very happy that he, too, is happy now. Only God knows their future, but I pray for their continued happiness.