Monday, June 9, 2014

New Pictures of Rob At LAX Today




Original source of the video here


Eliz / TEB4E said...

Rob was so sweet to stop & take a pic with a fan.

twilightnan said...

Glad to see him safely back in LA!! stop ....Jimmy Kimmel Show and then..The Rover LA premiere!!!Exciting stuff!!Thank you RPlife...*Waves* to Iluvthemovies:)...I bet you'll be at the LA premiere!!

hazeleyes said...

Not sure who the WHINER is asking or begging for the pic but, please just stop and don't do it again, omg annoying much.

Georgie said...

Ugh those barbs from the pappz! I don't think the Aussie pappz were that relentless. After a phenomenal weekend seeing Rob in Sydney, I wish you great Rob moments for your turn this week, and I look forward to seeing it all here on this site.

No one special said...

That woman ... not cool.