Monday, September 17, 2012

Director and Producer Adam Shankman Tweets About Rob "My sister in law jammed w/ Rob Pattinson on guitar..."

Director and producer, Adam Shankman talks about Rob jamming on guitar and Dermot Mulroney playing cello on Saturday night (Sept 15).

@adammshankman: My sister in law jammed w/ Rob Pattinson on guitar, and Dermot Mulrony on cello last night. Brilliant and stupifying 2 watch. Life is weird.

That was not the first time he talks about Rob. In an interview at the 'Breaking Dawn' premiere he talked about Rob being considered for 'Rock of Ages' "Rob is a good singer"


HollywoodCA900 said...

Yey, got a Rob sighting at last! I was seriously missing my Rob fix!

No name said...

Would love to see that! Happy Rob is playing again!!