Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More infos about the 'Cosmopolis' screening in Paris (May 30th)

Here's the big info of the day, tickets will be on sale starting May 14th, at 10am!

The tickets should be on sale on the movie theater's website

ETA: There was a rumor that the red carpet wouldn't be happening but it's official now, there will be one!

If you buy VIP tickets, you get in first, you have access to one of the first 125 seats (nearest to the screen) and you get a poster of the movie.

- A red carpet will be set in fron of the theater. People can both do the red carpet and see the movie. For security measures tho, when the cast will be in the hall to get into the movie theater, the door's entry will be close, even for people with VIP tickets.
- You can bring your camera.Ils sera possible d’amener vos appareils photos
- There will be a special access on the red carpet for people who are handicapped.
- Doors open at 6:30pm (Paris time)

Tickets prices go from 16€ to 29€

Tickets are on sale on Monday, May 14th at 10am (Paris time) HERE
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