Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tons of new press junket interviews

ITN Interview - Short video - talks about working with Tai

OKTV Interview - Part of the interview - talks about working with Tai and 2 Oscar winners

Fox All Access Interview - talks about filming the Twilight movies every 5 months and how it feels now that they're finished Interview (Dubbed) - Rob's interview at 2:56, talks about working on different characters than Edward (Thanks alexandra1116) - Click on the screencap to watch.

Polish Interview with Rob - Very good interview - added translation below (thanks to lalaith466 at Pattinsonlife)


She said that last time when they spoke he told her : lift your leg in polish and she didnt understand why, now she know after seeing the movie. he said that he rememberS how suprised she was when he said that and she told him that it was funny because its sounds kinda perv

She asked him if Tai understands polish he said no.

She asked him what was the hardest scene to do with polish language, he said that it was some scene where he was singing polish and he didnt even know about what was that song someone told him that it is baby lullaby really long song. He said that scene was that bad that they cut it out. She asked him if he remembers that song he sad that NO...

He said that it was embrassing because there were 3 polish people on the set and they where looking at him like at some idiot and them faces was like "what is he doing? this is absolutly nonsense"

She told him that she was watching the movie the whole cinema was laughing everytime when someone was talkign in polish. And he said "Great so it doesnt sound right?"

She said that it was right but accent wasnt good.

She told him maybe i will teach u something in polish?

She said yes you can try and then she said : POZDRAWIAM MOJE POLSKIE FANKI - which means best whishes for my polish fans...and them rob said that

Then he asked if it was all okay, she said yes and then he asked if he had polish accent

She also asked him if is that true that years ago he took fan girl for a dinner he said that yes, that he was alone in Spain and she was the only one talking in English, and that he will never do that again
Then she said that fans want him in Poland, he said that her was sure that they will come there for WFE promo


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lol. a minute ago thought: 'oh. i'll send polish interview to some websites about Rob' :)

To be honest, I'm not proud of our polish journalist and this interview. But... I can't complain, it's the only tv station which interviewed Rob (and i don't know why it's the ONLY one).
Rob's Polish is so sweet.

The translation is very good :)
great job!