Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Rob, Reese and Christoph Interview with NRJ12 (France) - Rob speaking French :)

At the beginning of the video and interviews at 4:04 (Rob speaking French). Translation thank to Sonia at Pattinsonlife.

Christoph: Ladies and gentelmen, there's a movie...

NRJ: There's not just one but a whole load. It's called le mag ciné and it starts now.

Vin: I'm happy.

Rob: Featured in this magazine...

Small French course for the Hollywood celebrities promoting in our lovely country.

Vin: Incredible!

It's neither for the pretty girls or the good wine that they're visiting us, right, Rob?

Rob: *laughs*

New movies will be talked about as well as the new dvds out this week.

[Go to 4:04.]

The movie of the week is without any doubt Water For Elephants. A romantic tale set during the Depression in a circus. We can find the beautiful Robert Pattinson hired in a circus troop, who's going to fall in love with the captivating star of the show, Reese Witherspoon, who's promised to the head of the circus, played by Christoph Waltz.
A dangerous love triangle.

Rob: Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved a girl ... who loved. Why is my French accent so bad now?

NRJ: Oh it's not that bad, Rob. Three talented actors, all reunited under a big top, surrounding the star of the circus, an elephant.

Reese: We all tried to be her friend. She was super, she was amazing. I worked with her for five months to practise our routine.

In the movie, Rob is allowed to kiss Reese. We took that chance to give us a lesson on movie kisses.

Rob: Love scenes where we kiss feel easy to me. There's really only one way to do it. You can just do your thing. It sounds like I do porn, you know I do it and that's it. *laughs*

During the casting process, Robert Pattinson was in competition with Channing Tatum and Emile Hirsch. Sean Penn was supposed to play August Rosenbluth, the role went to Christoph Waltz. After Scarlett Johansson turned down the role of Marlena, it's Reese Witherspoon, as a big fan of the book, who decided to join the adventure.

Reese: This sort of work is enjoyable. And I'm talking about the artistic and physical work that doesn't have such a big place in Hollywood anymore. Everything is CGIed now.

Christoph: Someone asked me in Germany the three main reasons why young people should go see this movie. Because it's a tale, a classic. And that's the main reason.

NRJ: A trinity of actors for a story that will make you hold your breath for two hours. If for you the three ingredients of a good movie are, the casting, the love story and a beautiful scenery then Water For Elephants is a smashing hit.


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