Thursday, May 5, 2011

More WFE London Premiere Red Carpet Coverage/Interviews from HeyUGuys

The ground beneath the Vue Westfield in West London trembled under the weight of Robert Pattinson fans as his latest film, Water for Elephants, had its UK premiere on Tuesday night.

Pattinson stars with Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz in this circus bound tale of love, loss and elephantine hosing.

Our excellent friends at Upbeat were on hand to capture the spirit of the event and interviewed the stars as they walked the red carpet and as you’ll see Pattinson and Witherspoon put on quite a show.

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twilightnan said...

Yes!! I was there in LOndon for Rob's WFE premiere!!OMG!! was an Amazing very first Robert Pattinson Premiere of his Movie!!It was incredible and very tiring day but it was worth it..He looks more stunningly beautiful in person!!OMG!!his face,his smiles,his hair and we all know he would look fabulous in suits in any colour lol!!..The atmosphere was electric!!there were fans from Netherlands,Belgium,France,Spain,Germany and even from Ecuador..I'm excited to see the Australian Wfe Premiere the last one..I bet it would be Grand!