Monday, May 2, 2011

Full Rob’s Interview with Chérie FM

Translation thanks to Sonia at Pattinsonlife
>Frederick: Here we are today with the movie of the week, Water For Elephants. I met the beautiful blonde who worked hard on this movie. Things getting done by themselves, right, Reese?

Reese: Yes, I trained for almost 5 months to familiarize myself with the circus world/work. But it was really fun. Everyday, I told myself how ml lucky I was to do this as my work.

Frederick: Couldn't agree more. The heroes of the movie will be with us until 9am. This was Reese Witherspoon for Water For Elephants.


Frederick: There's this guy named Robert Pattinson who, between two flying trapezes, an elephant and a radiant Reese, will find his way. The story takes place in a circus, and I asked Robert what he thought of teh atmosphere on the set and what happened backstage. The answer now.

Robert: It was a relaxed atmosphere. Usually, on movie's sets like Twilight, we had a specific and closed relaxing area, you have cameras and crew everywhere. Here, it was really fun and...

Frederick: That is cool, and it's going to be cool to watch.


Frederick: In the movie, Robert Pattinson loses his parents and his bearings as well, but all of the sudden, he gets a new start, thanks to a train. Our British boy doesn't forget his royal England, its new princely couple and his buses.

Robert: I remember when I was younger and still living in London, I had to take the bus to get around. Then, I told myself, in the future, I will only ride in cabs, even to go to the grocery store. With my career, it's been 3 years, maybe 5 since I took teh bus. I look at them with nostalgia now. I love public transportation.

Frederick: This Rob fella is pretty nice.


Frederick: You're going to love this movie. It comes out Wednesday.
Reese trained for 5 months to tame the animals ... and men.

Reese: I thought it was a really interesting role to play. A woman in the 1930s. She had no education, no family, her husband was her onlt way out. She didn't have the choice. I liked the idea to be in the shoes of a woman who would risk everything for another man.


Frederick: I asked Robert how he choses his scripts, whether it was for movies like Twilight or this one.

Robert: I always send scripts to my parents because I like their ideas, but it's funny how sometimes they have really strange opinions. I have very few people that I care about on whether they like something I plan on doing or not. It's just my family and a small group of friends. I can awlays tell whether something is really good or not by their reactions.


Frederick: Hi Rob, you're here with us, right?

Robert: Hello, I'm Robert Pattinson. I'm here with Frederick Ferrer on Chérie FM.


Frederick: I asked them, since she's American and he's English, about French kiss. Definition of the word by Reese first.

Reese: A kiss with tongue *laughs*.

Frederick: Okay, okay. Rob?

Robert: I don't know because a lot of people think a french kiss is a kiss that is way too much.

Frederick: There you have it! Water For Elephants comes out Wednesday, you'll get to see American kisses.



Calihi27 said...

I know this was for radio so they had to dub it but God I wish we could get an undubbed version! Rob's voice is sooooo hot. And I'm very curious what he was talking about with cabs and buses!

Calihi27 said...

p.s. Rob speaking French?! I die!!!