Sunday, April 3, 2011

Water for Elephants Press Conference

Press Conference Tweets via @WaterElephants - Only the ones about Rob, check @WaterElephants' timeline for all tweets.
- Chris and Rob just walked in!
- Rob says he's always had an affinity for that era. #WfE
- Rob says he decided to do the movie after seeing Tai "sit" on command when he met her. #WfE
- Rob says strategically placed mints got the elephant to like him. #WfE
- Reporter asked about Rob/Reese's height dif and how it affected the scenes.
- Reese: "easy, they put you on a box." #WfE
- Rob says his "heavy head" makes it easy to lean down to kiss a shorter woman. #WfE
- Rob liked the "wildness" of the time period. #WfE
- 118 degrees in Tennessee scenes. :( #WfE
- Plus authentic moonshine. #WfE
- #WfE Rob realized he really wanted to be an actor after he'd already done 3 movies.
- #WfE Reporter asked Rob how all the 'movie stuff' (lights, cell phones) affected shooting a period piece...
- #WfE Rob said all the props and fellow actors helped- everything was authentic for the era, including the ropes & the jeans.
- Looks like that's it! Everyone's heading out, actors first, reporters after. #WfE

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