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Rob in Ukranian Magazine "Story" - Even more new outtakes!

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There are 4 new outtakes (some of them look a lot like old outtakes, but I just checked and there is a small difference in each one - sometimes just his eyes), 1 of them was posted HERE. As always, thanks to Setje at Pattinsonlife for them. The other 3:

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Great Depression Era did more than once a beautiful backdrop for movies. This time there is involved a veterinary student who has not finished his studies. To earn a living, he began to work in a great circus show. The partners of Pattinson in the movie “Water for Elephants”; are Reese Witherspoon in the role of the beautiful star attraction , whose character falls in love with Robert, and th eelephant, cruelly tormented from its trainer, who is also the star attraction’s husband. The film has all the ingredients to become a success: the hero, heroine and a touching theme with a dramatic development. Robert really hopes this film becomes his next step on the road that leads him away from “Twilight.”

The strength of the illusion

Veteran and luminary of British cinema Michael Caine, remembering the youth, said that, despite being already a famous stage actor, he could not break into cinema. “One producer told me openly; Michael, the fact is that you seem gay. I know you’re a normal man, but you look like a gay. While the movies often choose gay men who seem normal.”The samething happened to Robert Pattinson as a kid he played leading roles ina London theater, but his castings for movies projects ended in nothing. ” Later I learned that my agent I introduce myself as “the male version of Keira Knightley.”; I was left baffled – what would people think of me, after learning this feature? I was one that will constantly sulking? “;

Family entertainments

But the resemblance to Keira Knightley has helped Robert in childhood- he had no problem with money for minor expenses. "When I was 12 years I was pretty tall, but I looked like a girl. My older sisters,Lizzie and Victoria, they put their clothes on me and presented me to guests as their sister Claudia”; In the models business androgynous are appreciated , and when they took me to an agency, bidding began flocking to one after the other”; As a model in theagency, Robert happened thanks to his mother, who worked for the same agency and was responsible for finding new talents) while the father of Robert traded and still trades in vintage cars). The mother obviously thought not to look for new talent, because new talent (he rson) was in her house.But his “talent” ; ran out early. I grew up,and the fact that I was a male became too obvious and proposals ceased gradually. My career has been the worst model career of all history”; Fortunately, Robert became interested in the dramatic art and decided to pursue a career in cinema.

Mickey Rourke’s thesis

If in the field of models macho guys are not considered , it is notnecessarily so in cinema n. As mentioned earlier, Pattinson’s agent positioned him incorrectly, relying on its look “sweet”;. Pattinson in 2005 had the great fortune to play a small role in the film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”;, but this role only served to launch his career. Then he followed the footsteps of Mikey Rourke. Rourke was young and he was ashamed of his beauty and became more virile showing disdain for personal hygiene – rarely shaved, more rarely brushed his teeth and does not wash at all. Pattinson has not reached the point of escape completely from the soap, but the shabby clothes, his “not well done” beard , and the seemed unwashed hair became members of his current image. But looking a little closer to him he has facial hair shaved to art; (as they says in the English-speaking countries) and the messy hair look greasy, and the result of acontinuous application of hair gel. One thing is clear: Pattinson has a host of admirers and he is smart enough not to scare them away.

Object of an obsession of the masses

Witherspoon, partner of Pattinson in the movie Water for elephants ,and one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, was struck by the fanaticism of his fans.She can safely walk the streets too crowded without causing any hysteria. “It was a kind of madness. The shooting took place in the desert, but even at five in the morning appeared outof nowhere an entire group of girls who wanted to see Robert.”; Once his admirers have risked a shot to the heart, Pattinson appeared withhis lower lip broken. The fears proved unfounded, as he was a make upfor the movie , so the cut had been done to script requirements. The study does not reveal the details of the story, but, judging from all we know, strong scenes in the film there will be plenty. About Reese Witherspoon, one of the puritanical Hollywood actress, for the first time in his career she has agreed to shoot intimate scenes, and until what point Reese has really abandoned her modesty, We will know seeingthe film.

Bite me!

Reese had not to be surprised so much of what happened on set, if she were aware of the Twilight misadventures in Robert’s life. On the eve of the premiere of the second part of Twilight, a crowd of girls (somewith the inscription on their face “Bite me”;) stayed a day and a half in Leicester Square, to be at the cinema for the premiere early and be able to see their idol up close. And they saw him, but in passing: when Pattinson appeared on the square, thousands of handsleaned toward him, the security cord on and staggered to the bodyguards drag touched the actor in the cinema. Robert became so nervous that after the premiere he took a solumn hangover.
Fame is heavy for him because he is afraid of the crowd, he feels extremely uncomfortable in the spotlight, and does not lead a life of celebrity. However, Pattinson relates with the sufferings of the popularity with philosophy.”Every time I get tempted to complain my fate, I remember that I could be in a shop to sell shoes”

Women’s joy

Pattinson says that most of women do not go crazy for him, but for Edward Cullen. In this regard, he does not understand why his character (and he accordingly) has become an sex idol: “It ‘s quiteobvious that Twilight is a metaphor for chastity”;
Water for Elephants is a great opportunity for Robert to appear in arole not only very dramatic, but, so to speak, although not entirely chaste. It is not clear what will make the actor’s popularity after this, but we are confident that Robert will do it. In the end, he is not only beautiful but also talented.

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