Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Video of Rob and Kristen leaving the after party

A little longer

KStewDevotee and @kstewartnews


twilightnan said...

OMG!!that was great...so cute..Rob and kristen holding hands..and a quick kiss it was like the icing on the cake!<333..what a wonderful way to come out to show the world ..yes we are a couple in love in Real life:)..I'm still up on seventh heaven..thank you RPL!! and hi to all the favs!

Anonymous said...

Geesh, really? Give the poor guy a smooch, on his big night already.

Is she still trying to keep a lid on a pot that boiled-over long ago? I mean I feel for them, and understand why for a while, the need to keep things on the down-low was warranted. She didn't behave this way with her last boyfriend, no, but he didn't have every woman on the planet wanting to get a piece of him, I get it. But, twilight filming done, the guessing, and excitement over...unless you are a simpleton, everyone knows they are a couple. And, this has got to be getting old to one of them.

I have always felt it was more Stewart who wanted to enforce the "no fly zone" when it came to them, and Pattinson, like all good boyfriends should, supported her wishes. But, from interviews, and appearances (especially on Oprah), it felt as if he was happy either way, and it would not bother him if anyone knew. He obviously is in love, and proud about it. As I am sure Stewart is. But, this guy is talking marriage and kids in interviews, he is 25 now, and grew up in a strong family unit. He is goin to want more, and soon.

But, the guy just had a big night for his career, was feeling very happy, and clearly didn't give a rat's ass if anyone saw, knew or took a picture...he just wanted to kiss his girl. And, she gives him the brush off? Daymn, lol.

I really like Stewart. She is quirky, intelligent, incredibly talented, and un-believably beautiful. But, she is still very young, and as an old married woman, I'm just sayin', if I did that to my husband, in a moment like that, it would hurt his feelings. =(

Shopgrrl811 said...
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dorym said...

Why is their relationship anyone's business?
You don't know these people, butt out.