Wednesday, March 2, 2011

E! News, ET and Access Hollywood talk about Rob's new Vanity Fair interview

E! News

Entertainment Tonight

Access Hollywood

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Nicole said...

I think its funny when the interviewer said that Rob got all squirmy when asked about Kristen, he doesn't talk about his personal life. But I also think that some of the comments made by Rob were taken out of context and the interviewer didn't know how to take some of the stuff he said, Rob says some funny things but some don't take it like that especially the media

Iluvthemovies said...

I am glad to see that all three entertainment news shows are talking about the interview in Vanity Fair. It goes to show that he is still in the mainstream, I am certain that it is something that Rob wishes less attention was on him and his relationship with Kristen. I keep finding it amusing and rather sad that interviewers keep questioning him on that as though he would say anything. They are just waiting for him or her to slip up and say "yeah were together". Just leave it already. You either think they are in a romance or not. Life in a fishbowl. I would not wish it for anyone except sex offenders.