Saturday, April 3, 2010

Remember Me Makes 10.5M at the International Box Office. Total gross surpass 28M

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me has grossed approximately $10.5 million at the international box office up to March 28, according to Box Office Mojo. (Australia and Bulgaria, March 21.)

The romantic melodrama has earned $17.8 million in North America as of April 1. Its worldwide total currently stands at about $28.3 million — actually more than that; as stated above, international figures are several days behind.

To date, Remember Me’s top international markets have been Russia* with $3.159 million, Brazil with $1.476 million, Italy with $1.043 million, Australia with $916K (March 21), and Germany with $843K.

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reshma said...

hurray .............. finally some mouths will shut up now

Anonymous said...

wow impressionnant le chiffres

Ursula said...

Glad to read this, I wish it would have made many many millions more but this is good, and no one can say now that Remember Me was a box office bomb, so I'm glad!

This is a beautiful movie, I can't wait to get in on DVD :)

Lucky said...

Hey, Thanks for sharing this. I would like to tell you, This is extremely wonderful.

I am looking for this from a long time. Thank you for this again.

Rajnish Kumar