Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rob is #1 Celebrity of 2009 - OK! Magazine (Germany)


In 2009, the celebrity who has conquered the world and celebrated the most important achievements.

#1: Robert Pattinson

Women lift the romantic vampire Edward from "Twilight" saga to heaven and follow him at every step. Fan frenzy goes so far as to that Robert and co-star Kristen Stewart may not publicly go out with their love . Pretty singles just attract more people into the cinemas.
Karen Webb: "The super vampire! He is the movies Newcomer of the year. What a good looking guy, anyone who doesn't wants to be affectionate and even bitten by him?

Let's grow time

The PIEKS! Kristen Stewart thoughts also determines the kiss with robert Pattinson. The Beau bold move will stubble - that emphasizes the "Twilight" star his aristocratic features.

All just show?

Mtv Movie Awards, Los Angeles. today they are accustomed to the pricerain - in May the stars of the Vampire saga "Twilight" were not intimidated, however. "Unbelievable," gushed Kristen Stewart, the domestic one price for the "best movie kiss" with co-star Robert Pattinson. Since then, rumors: are they a couple?

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