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Rob in European Magazines (With Translation)

Shout Magazine

Bravo (Germany) - Zac Efron is afraid of Rob LOL

Frida (Sweden)

Hottest guys in 2010

Current: New Moon

Sex appeal: 2009 was the year Robert Pattinson became all girls dream. In 2010 he will continue his triumphal.

Your guy is thinking: Why can't I be that good looking when pale?

Your girlfriends are thinking: I will never eat garlic again.

Success Factor: Unless Robert get's tired o being in the spotlight he will become enormous.

Celebritys talk sex:

"Twilight is metaphore for sexual abstinence, and yes, there is a sexy underlying meaning. There are so many elements in the story that are erotic." Robert Pattinson

InTouch (Sweden)

The Fight Over Breaking Dawn

The "Twilight"- ensemble and the producers are not getting along about the making of the fourth movie in the success franchise. Will Breaking Dawn ever get to the screen?

New Moon is still going strong at the cinemas- it earned almost 2 billion only during the first three weeks. but the producers are already turning their attention to the fourth book in the "Twilight"- saga, Breking Dawn (or as long as we both shall breathe as it is called in swedish). Unfortunately there is a big share of obstacles on the way for it to be put in to a movie (the filming of the third movie in the saga, Eclipse, ended in October and the movie's premiere is June 30th). Here we reveal what's at stake for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the crew:

Directed Requirements

While production is still looking for a director to Breaking Dawn the stars of the movie are determined that they want the director from New Moon, Chris Weitz, to get the honour
"Rob, Taylor and Kristen sat down and wrote a letter trying to get Chris back", a source reveals. "I had such a great experiense with Chris. He was passionate, caring and compassionate", says Kristen.

All are compatible replacement

Another Movie means another risk of being fired from the cast- and no one goes safe. Taylor had to fight for his part in New Moon, and Rachelle Lefevre got replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard (see picture) in Eclipse.

"The cast members are not so irreplaceable that they want to believe", a source confirms to "Life & Style". And obviously that doesn't feel good for the young actors. Everytime a co-star gets sacked it raises the concern in the camp. "The entire cast is really close", Taylor explains. "It was really sad when Rachelle had to go."

Controversial scenes

Spoileralert: the ones that make it will have alot of material to work with from Stephenie Meyers fourth book. Unlike the first three lame books, Breaking Dawn contains passionate kissing sequences, wild sexgames and a scary birth.
Kristen who plays a prostitute in the upcoming movie "Welcome to the Rileys", and Rob who had a piquant gay Scene in "Little Ashes", are ready for the challenge. But the Studio are detemined to keep it to a PG-13 for the younger fans of Twilight. "Just as in the other movies it will be incredibly sexy without the sex", the source insists. "These movies are really for the fans, so they don't want to depart from the books to much. But the chemistry betwen Rob & Kristen is so obvious that it expresses sufficient without unnecessary graphic moves."

Three Movies?

It can be very difficult to get them to accept a dried-out version of the book, but the hardest part will be to renegotiate each stars contract. In the beginning the cast signed up for three movies (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse), so it can be very coaxed to get the actors to agree on a deal for Breaking Dawn. "This is the golden Egg for Summit Entertainment, and the company is going to milk out as much as possible from it". the source noted. "It wouldn't come as a surprise if the studio divides the 754 page thick book in to three movies to get as much as possible from them".
If that would happen, Taylor and the rest of the cast can expect BIG paychecks. "Everyone wants a piece of the cookie", the source says. "They can see how much money New Moon brings in and want their fair share, which is probably one of the reason for why the movie is on hold. The Studio wants to keep the wages in check, but it won't be easy."

Indecisive Vampires

The first three movies was filmed in the space of 20 months, but this time it will take much more time. but the cast isprobably happy for the break, since many in the cast worries about being placed in a certain movie box. Therefore they're now eagerly putting up other projects- which can cause big conflicts in the schedule. Kristen has the movies K-11 and "An American Girl" on the go, while Taylor has signed up for the action series "Max Steel". And Rob? In February he will begin to filming "Bel Ami" in Budapest and for the next summer he's going to do a western movie called "Unbound Capitves", in New Mexico. "It is two completely different movies", he says. "I don't want to be a vampire for the rest of my life".

Image text left side:
Kristens Choice

Kristen works for the chance of having New Moon director Chris Weitz to do Breaking Dawn, but the studio bosses aren't convinced.

Image text right side
They decide
Thanks to the sucess of New Moon the stars Taylor, Kristen and Robert has had much more to say about things which does not bode well before Breaking Dawn since Rob isn't fond of how the series has been developed. "I've seen the movies twice and I wasn't exactly delighted", he says.

Scans and translation: Gossip Dance


iena amoi said...

So, they haven't decide to make breaking dawn or not? This is heart breaking.....uhuk. It is hard to make a PG13 movie out of Breaking Dawn. I personally won't get any satisfaction watching a PG13 Breaking Dawn. :((

I think they need to decide soon, I mean the cast isn't getting any younger....escpecially the vamps and wolves :P

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iena amoi said...
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iena amoi said...

Btw, changing the cast won't be a good move either.