Friday, January 1, 2010

Magazine Scans Featuring Rob

Stern (Germany) - "This was 2009"

Aftonbladet Klick! Magazine - "Best pictures of the year"

In Touch - "From childhood actors to New Moon superstars"

Popstar - "Six degrees of Twilight"

Expressen Fredag - "Thing we couldn't miss in 2009"


Cold Blooded Love!
Erotic Vampires
November. The "Twilight" sequel "New Moon" createda vampire hysteria around the world. But it wasn't just the movie itself that was the most exciting for the audience. Everybody was wondering if Bella (Kristen Stewart, 19) and Edward (Robert Pattinson, 23) was a couple off-screen as well- something which was revealed in connection with the premiere.

Thanks to Gossip_dance for all the scans!

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