Monday, November 9, 2009

Rob's interview with ET

7 minutes of Rob :D



Thanks to Robert Pattinson Australia for the heads up


lamke3598 said...

god he is just so down to earth.

it only makes him sexier.

skylarfinn said...

She's stuttering! lol And her voice is different, too.

He's right. When I was 23 I was confused and a mess. But then it's really all part of growing up, only his is very public.

Kristin said...

He talks like everybody he talks to is his friend.
After listening to this interview I respect him even more.
And I would love to have a friend like him. He's funny or at least he makes me smile. :)

aSoCalGal said...

I love Rob but completely disagree with him on his philosophy on being an idiot or a slug if you know who you are at 23. I think it depends on the person. I met my husband at 19 and married him at 23. I had already graduated from College and had a career by then too. You can still surprise yourself even when you know who you are. Love you Rob, but disagree, respectfully.

aSoCalGal said...

Forgot to say, been with my husband 22 years too, so something must have worked. lol.