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Rob in Jeune & Jolie Magazine

Within a week (right after Twilight came out), Robert Pattinson became a star who attracted hordes of fans everywhere he went. In person, wearing a discrete black & white stripped polo shirt, the actor is as charismatic as Edward Cullen, the vampire who stole Bella Swan’s heart (Kristen Stewart). Ending each response with a heartfelt laugh, Rob Pattz keeps running his hands through his messy hair, which contributed to his legend. Exclusive interview with the star for the release of New Moon on November 18th.

We tend to forget today the fact that fans were very hard on you when the casting of Twilight was announced.

Yes, that’s why I didn’t want to play Edward at the beginning. I felt that no one could be up to the standards of the role for the fans. I had no clue what Twilight was before going to the audition. I didn’t know if they were going to take me, but I really liked Kristen Stewart in “Into the Wild”, so I told myself “Why not try it out”, and I got the role… It’s only when we started filming that I started to realize how popular the novels were and I started to panic (laughs).

And now girls scream when you pass by them

Two year ago, I really had to work hard to get girls interested in me. I still look the same today and it’s funny to see how much the situation has changed. I only needed Stephenie Meyer, the author of the book, to say that I was beautiful and everyone believed her.

Your performance in Twilight finally pleased everyone

I’m the type of person that doesn’t know how to receive compliments. If people say I did good, I’ll answer “Yeah, yeah, great.” And if you say I was bad, I’ll agree with you and then detest you (laughs).

How do you react to the hysteria that surrounds you every time you go out?

Crowds are a challenge for me… I like Twilight and everyone involved, but I didn’t sign on for this, to hear people scream my name each time I step out the door. I had to adapt my life accordingly. It’s even more difficult since I’m a very private person to start off. I’ve been doing this line of work for a few years and I’m starting to forget what my life was before Twilight. Because of the internet and Twitter as soon as someone spots me somewhere the information spreads at a crazy speed. And the fans being… fanatic, a crowd forms quickly in front of the place where I am. If I’ve learned something recently it’s to never stay more than 20 minutes in the same place (laughs).

Even at the Cannes Festival back in May it was crazy

It was a real surprise for me, I thought the phenomenon was limited to America. Clearly I was wrong.

You should borrow the invisibility cloak from your old friends in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I don’t know how they do it, but they’re hardly anywhere. I’ve never seen Daniel Radcliffe in tabloids. Maybe he doesn’t go out?

Having done both how do you compare the frenzy created by Twilight and Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter fans are attached to the universe, to the characters, but they don’t want to sleep with them. That’s the main difference (laughs).

Your fans see you as the ideal guy, like your character. Do you feel obligated, in a way, to be to up to the standards they set out for you?

I don’t really know… No. I might succeed if I stopped talking or doing anything. It would be the only way to create that illusion. How do you want to equal someone like Edward Cullen? I will never be the perfect man. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Have you ever been a fan of someone else?

Believe me, I would have loved to be a fan, screaming in the middle of a crowd that shares my passion. It’s a great feeling, I would love to feel that collective adrenaline rush. Sometimes I tell myself that people just want to get together to scream, let go, and don’t really care about who’s in front of them. A crowd is the only place where you can scream without being embarrassed. I’d love to be able to do that, but I haven’t found my idol yet.

How did the filming of New Moon go?

Very well. The two months of filming went by extremely fast. The atmosphere was much more relaxed than for Twilight. I think that everyone knew exactly what they had to do. We’re starting to have a good idea of what our public expects of us. I’m certain that New Moon will be better than Twilight, and will please guys alot more. During the promotion of Twilight, I remember being told to say that there was alot of action in the movie, to play up the fact that guys were going to love it, “Guys never like that, I would answer, it’s a girl movie!” I don’t know if it’s because a man (Chris Weitz) produced New Moon, but I really have the impression that the movie is more masculine. More and more guys are asking me for my autograph.

Guys like Twilight?

Yes. That being said maybe they only ask me for my autograph to sell it on Ebay after.

Did any scene cause you problems during the filming of New Moon?

I show up bear chested at the end of the movie, which makes me quite uncomfortable. I’m becoming a feminist (laughs). You can’t see people as objects! I never had to do that for another role, it was really embarrassing. Especially compared to Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob, his rival to win Bella’s heart) that was training like crazy and now has fourteen abs.

Do you think you’d get along with Edward Cullen if he really existed?

I don’t know. I appreciate Edward as a person – he’s too prude for my taste, but I like playing him. He’s a guy with honour in any case.

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"The Harry Potter fans are attached to the universe, to the characters, but they don’t want to sleep with them. That’s the main difference" LOL That is so funny, yet true!!!!