Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Jimmy Kimmel More of an Edward or Jacob Kinda Guy?

Ever feel like you're alone in your undying adoration of all things Twilight?

Probably not, but if it's any consolation funnyman Jimmy Kimmel is right there with you.

Last Friday, the late-night host welcomed the New Moon crew to his show, and encountered a dilemma each of us faces all too often: Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner? Or better yet, Edward or Jacob?

"They're very good looking people," he told E! News at the International Myeloma Foundation charity event. "They're vampires—one of them is a werewolf. You don't see that too much."

So, which is it? Kimmel's not picking sides (smart move!). "I think it's racist to pick between vampires and werewolves," the star teased. "So, I'll say that I love all monsters equally."

"Monsters" seems a bit strong. We prefer to call them "sexy beasts."


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