Monday, November 9, 2009

The Haunted Airman - Soundtrack Release

1812 Recordings are excited to finally announce the release of Daniel Pemberton’s atmospheric soundtrack to the acclaimed BBC film The Haunted Airman. Starring Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and adapted from the cult Dennis Wheatly novel The Haunting Of Toby Jugg this psychological thriller tells the story of an injured WWII RAF pilot (Pattinson), who, whilst trapped in a sinister hospital, grows ever more sexually obsessed with his aunt (played by Rachael Stirling – Tipping The Velvet). The film was made by the BAFTA and EMMY award winning director Chris Durlacher (George Orwell – A Life In Pictures) and also co-stars Julian Sands (24, Ocean’s 13).

Daniel Pemberton’s score touches on the many different dark themes of the story – from the extreme atonal horror of ‘Spiders’ and ‘Final Confrontation’ to the unrequited romance of ‘Hidden Love’; from the melancholic ‘Loss Of Control’ to the eerie sound of ‘Theme’ and ‘Ending’ – and will quickly take listeners back to the sinister and confused world of the film’s protagonist, Toby Jugg, played by Pattinson. Recorded in London the fifteen track mini-album features a dark and unusual mix of treated pianos, child vocals, detuned violas, orchestral flourishes and custom sound design.

The huge momentum of the Twilight series has meant that The Haunted Airman has gained a whole new global audience with fans desperate to discover the few films that Pattinson made before he found worldwide fame as the star of the enormously popular vampire franchise. With the UK DVD already regularly appearing in the bestsellers charts and the US DVD scheduled for release alongside Twilight: New Moon this release should hopefully appease both soundtrack collectors and the legions of dedicated Robert Pattinson fans who want to re-experience the dark world he inhabits as The Haunted Airman.

Due to it’s shortened running time The Haunted Airman - Soundtrack will be available for the substantially reduced price of £4.49/$6.99 from iTunes via 1812 Recordings in November 2009.

Album: The Haunted Airman - Soundtrack
Artist: Daniel Pemberton
Format: Download
Label: 1812 Recordings (Cat: 1812/006)
Release Date: 2009
Websites: //

Tracklisting – The Haunted Airman

1 The Haunted Airman - Theme 01:36
2 Arrival 00:38
3 Something Is Happening 01:47
4 Massage 00:41
5 Letter Reading 01:34
6 Bathtime 02:09
7 Hidden Love 00:44
8 Workout 01:28
9 Loss Of Control 02:14
10 Spiders 03:34
11 Toby And Julia Drink 01:31
12 Hal With Razor 01:45
13 Love Sex Reprised 01:02
14 Final Confrontation 03:08
15 The Haunted Airman - Ending 01:47

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